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Valentine’s Day For Singles

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How to celebrate self love in a self relationship, and every other love you have in your life.

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Love should be celebrated every single day you have it, not just once a year, and definitely not only romantic love. I find that it’s a silly day that’s biggest purpose is just to spend more money. However, if you’re gonna celebrate it, then at least do it right. So instead of feeling bad for yourself and drowning in self pity for what you don’t have – celebrate the self love you do have. Even if you’re in a loving relationship – take the time during this day to also celebrate yourself and how much love you have.

Best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day while single:
Best ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day while single:
1. Celebrate with friends and family

Again, love is love whether it be platonic or romantic and they should all be celebrated equally. So if you don’t have a significant other to celebrate with, why not celebrate with loved ones you do have? You can have a nice movie night, and order yummy take out. Or prepare a home cooked meal, or BBQ, and make a dinner party. You can also have a nice picnic at the park. Personally for me, I’m just happy hanging out with them. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as you just enjoy each other’s company… While keeping your local guidelines regarding the pandemic of course. 

2. Lockdown friendly self date

On my Dating Yourself page I have a few Self Dates posts that can be done during lockdown. I’ve also written a Dating Yourself – 23 self dates ideas blog post which also has a few pandemic friendly dates. You can also have a nice home cooked meal and make a nice date out of it. You can combine a few ideas together, and make a whole day out of it. Either way, it’s so important to celebrate the love you have for yourself, just as others celebrate their romantic love.

3. Arts and crafts project

If you enjoy creating, you can take on a fun and exciting project that will elevate your Valentine’s Day. Like the Nespresso lamp that I made, or you can order an arts subscription box (like makers crate or makerly) – which is a wonderful, creative way to spend at least a few hours of the day. You can also do a “flip” project – where you take an old piece of furniture, or anything else you can think of – fix it up and make it look new and different. You can do this alone, or do it with your loved ones… Either way, this is definitely a great and fun way to spend the day. Not to mention how therapeutic it can be, which can definitely assist you with your personal development. And who knows, maybe you’ll acquire a new hobby?

4. Dance / Yoga / Pilates classes

Even now during the pandemic, there are many classes that you can take which are great fun. Make sure they follow the local guidelines for the pandemic. There are many classes that have made the necessary changes, like taking the class outdoors in a wide open space, limited participants, and keeping distance between everyone. If you have such classes near you, it can definitely be fun, and you can meet new people to spend some time with, to make the day that much better. Not to  mention, that it’s a healthy and productive activity.

5. Workshops

 Like the classes above, you can also find a nice pandemic friendly workshop – like a cooking / baking class, woodwork, painting and many more. Again, they’re very productive, and are great for developing new skills or maintaining ones you already have. It’s always wonderful to adopt a new hobby, not to mention how therapeutic and flourishing the arts are. It is definitely a great way to also meet others, and spend some quality time with yourself – and both are wonderful achievements for the day of love.

Here are a few great gift ideas you can give yourself and your loved ones:
Here are a few great gift ideas you can give yourself and your loved ones:
1. Subscription boxes

If you’ve read my blog posts and seen my unboxing, then this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. I am hopelessly in love with subscription boxes, and I truly believe in their power to make us happy and excited. They’re also a great way to spend some high quality time with ourselves, and provide us with great self pampering products. Also, this is the best gift ever that you can give your family and friends. Just imagine how surprised and excited they will be! Personally my two favourites are Singles Swag and TheraBox, because they come with a wide variety of high quality products. They are also curated with the purpose of self empowerment, love and care. Which is a huge bonus.

2. Gift basket

Who better to curate a gift basket for yourself than you? I mean, only you can make it 100% perfect, because you know exactly what you want and will enjoy. You can either buy one that’s already made up or create one of your own (which can be super fun). It’s also a perfect gift for your loved ones, you can fill it with all the things they love – whether it be chocolates and candies, self care products, fruits or anything else you can think of. Personally, I would probably make one that can be used on a self home spa date. – With a face mask, hair mask, bath bomb, bubble bath soap, scented candle, body lotion and hand cream. You can also add foot masks, nose patches and a hair band – to keep the hair out of the face.

3. Loungewear or lingerie 

Who doesn’t love some nice and comfortable loungewear? I mean, is there a better gift than a super fluffy and comfy set of pajamas? Probably not. If you get a nice cozy set, it’s basically like giving yourself a nice big hug. It’s a great way to show some self appreciation and love, and how much you care about yourself. It’s also a wonderful gift to give your friends and family, and really you can never have enough loungewear. Also, you can get yourself some nice lingerie. You don’t need a significant other to make yourself feel sexy. In general I believe that having some nice, pretty underwear is a great confidence booster. Again, to make yourself feel better for no one other than yourself. You can also get an undies subscription like Bootay Bag or Splendies (check out my recent unboxing!)

4. Coffee and tea

These two are huge life essentials which lets face it – most of us cannot live without. And almost all of us drink at least one of the two, if not both. And again, you can never have enough coffee or tea. Personally, I love getting gifted anything to do with coffee. You can curate a whole basket of coffee / tea. You can add in a nice mug, that never fails to be a wonderful gift that will make both yourself and your loved ones smile. You can also get a coffee subscription box. Either way, there’s no better way to show some love than with a nice cup of cozy. You can also throw in a nice packet of cookies, cakes or muffins that they or you can eat beside you nice hot beverage.

5. Wine and cheese

Let’s face it, one of the best ways to pass the quarantine and get out in one piece, is with wine. Or any other poison you love, but wine is always the safest bet. There were many nights for me where having a nice glass of my favourite wine has been my saving grace. It’s comforting and uplifting. Especially when you pair it with a nice combination and variety of cheeses. 

6.  Books

With so many more hours spent binge watching on netflix and scrolling through Instagram or Tiktok, it’s alway good to have some detoxing time. Let our eyes rest from all the screen time which has probably increased during this pandemic, and sit down with a nice book. So needless to say, I believe that buying yourself or a loved one, a book or two is one of the greatest gifts. Not only because reading is fun, but also because it encourages you and them to have some screen free time. Which is so much better for your mental health. So really, nothing shows love more than encouraging caring for your mental health.

Instead of sulking and drowning in sorrow over what we don’t have, I highly encourage you to put in as much effort as you can to focus on yourself and your loved ones. Take this day in a positive manner and celebrate all that you have. At the end of the day, the love that you have for yourself is the one that matters most, so why not be your own Valentine?

Happy Valentine’s!

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!
Michal B.L.

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