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Splendies vs. Bootay Bag underwear subscription – January 2021

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Unboxing the Splendies and Bootay Bag January 2021 underwear subscriptions – full review and closeup pictures of all the underwear that came in the bags.

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** Check out the end of this post for the unboxing video I made 🙂

With Valentine’s just around the corner, what better opportunity to gift yourself with a nice undies subscription? Many of us don’t have a partner to celebrate with, and we’re scared to fall into the lonely single stigma. But why must it be like that? Besides the fact that we should celebrate love every day, and not just once a year. Besides having so many more platonic loves that we need to celebrate… We also have ourselves to love and appreciate. And why not take advantage of this day, to celebrate your own self-love.

Personally, I love getting new underwear, and I love putting in some extra effort into getting some really nice ones. For no one but myself, and my own good feelings. I encourage you to get yourself some nice, maybe even sexy underwear. From wherever you choose. No one else will know they’re there, but you will and it will boost your self esteem. It will help you feel good about yourself, and confidence is key to having success more often.

So today I’m excited to share with you my unboxing of not one, but two underwear subscriptions. I’ve never tried either one of them before, so they both have a clean slate. I also made sure to try them all on with skinny jeans, mom jeans, leggings and sweatpants to see how they really look and fit.


$15 dollars a month for three pairs of underwear, you can choose either only thongs, no thongs or a mix. I chose no thongs, to play it safe for now, and in the size S. According to the size chart, a US small is bigger than the Israeli sizing (where I usually go for M), so I went for it so it won’t be too big. 

Shipping – FREE within the US, $10 worldwide

All black with beige lining – by: Wilshire & Montana
All black with beige liningby - by: Wilshire & Montana

This one was probably my favourite, as it’s very comfortable, not overly embellished and just because I always love black underwear. However, they are very tight around the thighs, and perhaps overall a little too small. So that makes it a little uncomfortable, and it also makes the bum look a little weird. I slept with them for the whole night, and they did loosen up a bit, but I probably still won’t be able to wear them anywhere but bed. It’s not very noticeable with jeans or sweatpants, but it’s not noticeable either. It’s much more noticeable with legging of course. 

White with baby blue lace – by: Miss Vickie’s Intimates
White with baby blue lace - by: Miss Vickie’s Intimates

Personally, I would never buy myself white underwear, both because I don’t really like the colour, and it gets dirty quicker. Usually they last for less time. But these are pretty cute, and I do like them. However, like the black ones, they are smaller than I thought they would be, and also make the bum look bad. They’re the smallest out of the three and also the least stretchy, definitely won’t be wearing them as they make my bum look like four bums. With all types of pants over (let alone leggings), it is definitely very noticeable.

Polka dots and red lace – by: Wilshire & Montana
Polka dots and red lace - by: Wilshire & Montana

At first I thought it was a great combination of the blue and the red, and the two different material types. But then when I tried it on, it looked and sat a big weird. The fit itself was actually quite great, but I just didn’t like the way the two materials looked together on the skin. However, out of the three pairs of underwear, it fit best and looked best with sweatpants and jeans on over it. Also without pants, it was the only one that looked good on the bum and didn’t make it look weird.

If I had known that the sizing would be that tight for all three underwear, I would have probably gotten the M. personally, if I wouldn’t have known the sizes and tried them on blindly, I would have never have guest that they’re all the same size

Bootay Bag

So, Bootay Bag is a little more expensive than Splendies, but as I discovered today, perhaps it’s for good reason. One pair a month is $10 dollars, two is $15. You can also get just thongs, no thongs, a mix / surprise or get all four. You can also add a bralette for $16 (which I did) or an additional underwear for $5. 

Shipping – FREE, and only within the US

Red with lace detailing 
Red with lace detailing

The fitting on this one is perfect, and it’s so very comfortable, it also doesn’t make the bum look weird. Both with, and without pants of all types (perhaps with leggings you can see a bit of the lace, but I’m used to that from most underwear). It also has a cute detailing on the back – a small triangle of lace with small embroidered hearts. Overall I’m so pleased with these, they’re elegant and comfortable at the same time. And definitely make me feel sexy.

Cow print in the front, black lace in the back
Cow print in the front, black lace in the back

This is probably my favourite pair out of all the five. It’s definitely the prettiest, and just like the red one it came with, sits perfectly on the body, makes the bum look great – both with and without pants of all kinds.

Unlike Splendies, Bootay Bag sends underwear from their own branding, so you know that they will always be the same sizing.


I love bralettes as they sit better on my body, than regular bras. So it’s rare for me to actually wear bras, and I could never have enough bralettes, as I do wear them every day. This body-colour bralettes sits perfectly, and the small size which I got was very accurate sizing. It can be adjusted both on the clasp around the bust, and on the straps – which makes it more flexible for many more body types. It also looks great under a shirt, and doesn’t make a weird shape like many others do. The pricing of $16 dollars is also great for what you’re getting, as the quality is amazing and here in Israel it’s so much more expensive to get such a good one.

In conclusion…

Both subscriptions are of great quality, but if I had to choose, and if they shipped to Israel, I would definitely go with Bootay Bag. The sizing and fit was so much better, and because they’re “homemade” the sizes will always be the same, and it’s less likely to have surprises. As opposed to Splendies, who send underwear from different brands, so the sizing changes and you never know exactly what you’ll get. Plus, the sizes are definitely not the same as in the size chart on their site.

However, I would definitely recommend buying yourself some undies for Valentine’s, to help you celebrate that self love. And also help you feel good about yourself and give you that boost you need.

Get your own Splendies

Get your own Bootay Bag

Splendies vs. Bootay Bag Unboxing Video

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