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Travelling Single Women in Salzburg

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Tips, tricks & advice for the travelling and working single women in Salzburg during COVID.
In this blog post:
  • Travelling to Salzburg
  • Accommodations
  • Where to meet people
  • Getting around
  • Working remotely in Salzburg
  • COVID tips
  • Great posts & articles with good recommendations
  • So, why Salzburg?

Coming from Vienna, Salzburg was a nice and welcome change of pace. I absolutely LOVED Vienna, but it’s still a classic European city. It’s big and very urban. Whereas Salzburg is quite the opposite. It almost feels like being in Nature, but still in a city-like environment. Salzburg is quieter and much more slow-paced, and being so much smaller, there really is no rush to see everything quickly. You can take your time and not feel like you’re missing out or having to give up certain activities. If you ask me, Salzburg is the perfect destination for solo travellers, especially those who are also working remotely. 

Travelling to Salzburg

I took a train from Vienna to Salzburg, which is probably the cheapest and easiest way to get to Salzburg. If you’re planning a single-city trip to Salzburg, there is an airport nearby if you don’t want to pass through other cities. However, I did a thorough search and all flights were quite expensive. While flights to Vienna from anywhere in Europe are a tenth of the price. So it works out better to fly to Vienna and from there a train to Salzburg. And if you have the time, this is also a great opportunity to spend a day or two in Vienna. There are also trains to Salzburg from many different European countries around it. And most importantly, it’s easy, simple and convenient. Especially if you’re travelling alone, so you don’t have to worry about transporting by yourself. 

If you ask me, Salzburg is definitely worth the trip, especially if you’re already in Austria. It’s very different from Vienna and provides a great change of pace and scenery. Salzburg is especially great for fellow writers, as it has many inspiring spots. Here are a few key pointers for solo travelling in Salzburg:

  • It’s much smaller than Vienna, and most of the main attractions are within walking distance. So you don’t waste much time commuting or sitting in traffic. Which also means you don’t have to constantly figure your way around alone.
  • It’s very inspiring, as there are breathtaking views, and many spots to just sit and enjoy it. Soak it in and derive the inspiration you need. 
  • It’s a popular destination with many fellow travellers to meet, and even better – solo travellers. Being smaller than Vienna, it also makes it easier to meet people and not get lost.

I love having my alone time, but I also want an opportunity to meet new people. However, single rooms in hostels are quite expensive. So I like to split my time between hostels and Airbnb. That way I get both the company of others and my own alone time. 

  • HOSTEL – for the first five nights I stayed at the MEININGER Hotel Salzburg City Center, which is from the same chain of hostels as the one I stayed at in Vienna. (MEININGER Hotel Vienna Downtown Franz). It was even better than the one in Vienna (and the beds were much more comfortable). It was also quieter than the one in Vienna and had a nice homey feel about it. Similar to the one in Vienna, it is also targeted at the more mature crowds, which means you won’t have tons of noise and parties. Further, it’s the perfect combination between a hotel and a hostel. So if you’re traveling alone and are 30+ like me, this is the perfect place. It’s also within walking distance from the main train station, and a short bus ride away from the centre. Another great thing about its location is the small shopping centre right next to it, which also has a supermarket. 
  • AIRBNB – for my last two nights I moved to a nice Airbnb in the old city, which was also a great opportunity to be even closer to everything, and have some nice quiet time for myself. And if you struggle to sleep with others in the room, this is to catch up on sleep.
Where to meet people

Salzburg was actually the city where I met the most fellow solo travellers. Perhaps it was just a matter of chance, but I also believe that it’s due to Salzburg being a very popular tourist destination. I also believe that it’s due to it being a “compact city”. Vienna is huge, and that makes it harder to meet people. And the fact that Salzburg is much smaller, makes it easier to meet people, as there are fewer places to search. And it’s also not as overwhelming. 

  • Free city tour – I’ve mentioned this in my Vienna post as well, as it’s one of the best ways to meet people. I did the free walking tour on the day after my arrival, which was my first full day. Meaning, I had all the time after to hang out with the people I met. Not only is the free city tour a “magnet” for fellow travellers, but it especially attracts solo travellers, who are also interested in meeting people to hang out and explore with.
  • At the hostel – whether you get a single room or a dorm, this is the perfect place to meet people. I found myself meeting people in the communal areas, and just sitting and talking. Even while in the kitchen, I found myself just talking to people as we each cooked or ate. So even if you don’t hang out outside the hostel, it’s still nice to just hang out with people, especially if you’re feeling lonely. Just talking and hanging at the hostel with people can improve your mood and loneliness. 
  • At cafes – while Salzburg doesn’t have as many remote workers or even cafes… It’s still a great place to meet fellow solo travellers. If you’re a remote worker/traveller like me, you’re likely also spending hours sitting at cafes and working. So why not utilize that time to also strike up a conversation with others?
  • At the local attractions – another advantage of Salzburg being “compact”, is that the attractions are as well. Which also makes it much easier to meet people. Whether it’s at the Modern Art Museum or even while strolling through the old city, there are many opportunities to meet people who are also roaming alone and just strike up a conversation. I know how awkward it can be, as I am very shy myself… But when you’re walking around a museum and see another person alone, it’s much easier. 
Getting around

As I mentioned above, Salzburg is quite small and easy to get around just by foot. There are also a few attractions that require a bus to get to, and also many of the hostels. But there are many efficient buses, which makes it easy to use and get around. 

  • As I did in Vienna, also in Salzburg I got a weekly pass, which is valid for all buses. There are no trams or trains like in Vienna, so you can only take buses. 
  • A weekly pass is easiest because you also don’t have to worry about getting a ticket every time, as there isn’t a ticket machine at every station.
  • Note that a weekly pass begins on the Monday of that week, even if you purchase it on any following day. Which in my opinion is still worth it. 
  • When purchasing a pass – whether weekly or 24/48/72 hours, make sure to validate the ticket on your first ride.
  • If you decide to stay in the old city/city centre, most places will be within walking distance and you’ll be able to buy single tickets to the few attractions that are far away.
Working remotely in Salzburg

While Salzburg is an amazing city to visit, it’s not as great for remote workers as Vienna is. However, it is still a great destination, and it should still be on your list. While I like to try out many different cafes, if you like to just focus on one or two… Salzburg will be perfect for you, as they have a couple of cafes that are amazing. Even though it’s not quite the “laptop-friendly” city. 

  • WIFI – similar to Vienna, not every place has wifi, but it’s not as frustrating as in Vienna, because again, it’s not as big. Vienna is so big that you have to really be careful not to cross the whole city for a cafe that doesn’t even have wifi. Because Salzburg is so small, it’s easier to get around and you don’t have to cross the whole city. That being said, you should make sure to do your homework and make sure they have wifi ahead of time. 
  • Expenses – while I found Vienna to be quite cheap in relation to other European cities… Salzburg is a bit more expensive. I would say that everything from Airbnb to restaurants to buses is at least 5% more expensive than in Vienna. It may not break the bank, but if you’re travelling on a budget, you need to be careful. A great way to spend less is to buy some food at supermarkets. They have very affordable sandwiches and other foods, which you can buy and eat by the river. 
  • Cafes & workspaces – as I mentioned above, there are fewer cafes to work from in Salzburg than there are in Vienna. But there are still great cafes to choose from, which I will post about in a later post. Another great option is to work in the lobby of the hostel you’re staying at. Which I loved doing, and is also cheaper than sitting at cafes. And you can also bring some nice (cheaper) snacks from the supermarket. 
  • Dividing your time – while travelling I decided to do a week at each destination. While most European destinations don’t require more than a week… If you’re also spending a substantial portion of your time working remotely… It’s a good idea to take your time in each place. Especially if you’re not in a rush. Having a week means you have enough time to both work and explore, and also meet new people and hang with them. Personally I like to play around with my hours, depending on what I want to do. Either splitting my work – a few hours in the morning and a few in the evening, and touring in the afternoon. Or exploring and touring in the morning and working in the evening. Seeing as everything is fairly close and easily accessed, it’s also quite simple to just go in and out. 
COVID tips

In my post about travelling to Vienna, I shared my tips about travelling to Vienna during COVID. And many of the tips there are valid for Salzburg as well, especially if you’re travelling through Vienna. So you can check it out for tips on travelling to and from Austria.

Great posts & articles with good recommendations
So, why Salzburg?
  • It’s a picture-perfect destination.
  • There’s an amazing aura to it, which is just perfect for letting go and being present in the moment. 
  • Everything is just so inspiring and will get your juices flowing.
  • Breathtaking views of the city and more. 
  • A great destination to help you disconnect, as it feels so remote.
  • So many different types of attractions, and no way of being bored. 
  • Easy to explore and get around. 
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Happy & safe travels!

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!
Michal B.L.

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