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Top Productive Methods For A Fulfilling Single Life – PART 2

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These are additional five top ways, activities and experiences for a more productive, full and lively single life. PART 2.


A couple of weeks ago, I posted part 1 with the first 4 ways and methods to live your best, fulfilled single life. They were the four main components, but of course, they’re not the only ones, and there are many more things to add to your life. I didn’t want to compress them all into one post, and I wanted to give each one more space to open and dissect… Which is why I decided to separate them into two parts, and who knows, maybe even three. Because there are so many methods and aspects of living a fulfilled, and productive single life. 

5. Don’t be lenient with basic tasks

Far too often we tend to neglect our own basic, most fundamental tasks. They are the first thing that goes when we are short on time, and often we try to do it with shortcuts, even if it means half-assing them. We wake up late so we don’t make our bed, and don’t brush our teeth properly, if at all. We feel lazy, so we don’t untie our shoelaces before slipping off our shoes. And we don’t put away our things or wash the dishes. These small things may seem insignificant and silly, but with time they become bigger and bigger. Then, before you know it, you’re skipping showers, meals, not drinking enough, or even not doing enough of your work. Not to mention any tasks and cleaning up.

Unfortunately, it rarely ever ends there, and it can run so much deeper, dragging you down into a dark, endless pit. Because when you’re too lenient with the small things, you’ll slowly condition your mind to cut corners. It may begin with not folding your clothes properly, or leaving an empty coffee mug on your bed-side table for a few days… But with time, your brain will get so used to taking shortcuts where it can, it will also cause you to start doing it with the more important things in your life. Which will decrease the value of your life, and will make you feel like you’re not doing a good enough job. You won’t feel as productive or fulfilled, if you’re not managing to give it your all. When you’re strict with yourself with the small things, you’ll also develop a better self-discipline.

6. Have a lenient day

That being said, it’s also important to take a break from being so strict, a day for yourself every so often, to just be lenient where you’re usually not at all. No one can live on full blast all the time, without getting jaded and burnt out. Yes, the secret to success and happiness is hard work and perseverance. But how could you ever persevere if you’re not taking a moment to breathe, to recharge and regain your energy. A lenient day is like having a ‘cheat day’ on a diet, when you can give yourself some much needed indulgence. In the long run, it’s these lenient days that give you the fuel to keep going, to keep pushing forward.

When you come back from your lenient day and dive back into work… You’ll have renewed vigour and energy, you may even have some fresh new ideas, or perspective. And you’ll certainly come back fully charged to keep pushing yourself forward.

If you just need a day to sit or lay down and do absolutely nothing, then do that. And don’t reprimand yourself for it and try not to feel bad about it. Remind yourself that in a way it is the productive thing to do because it helps you get more work done later. It gives you the will and power to keep working hard the rest of the week. That being said, Having a lenient day scheduled every week is also a great way to spend some quality time with yourself. If you find that you have some extra energy, you can also use some of it to do something outside of the box. You can also spend some time on one of your hobbies, or doing some kind of project around the house. Maybe even go on an adventure, either alone or with friends. 

7. Keep your space tidy

I’m going to take a calculated risk here and bet that you have a difficult time concentrating when your surroundings are a mess. I find that when my space is dirty, messy or unorganised, so is my brain. Which makes it even more difficult to concentrate or comprehend anything I’m trying to focus on. At times, if it gets really bad, I may just get up in the middle of work, or whatever I’m doing… And just start cleaning and putting things away. Which also cuts my train of thought, gets me out of my zone and wastes my precious time. If all I see around me is a mess, it will likely project onto my brain and I won’t be able to be productive. Or at least not as much as I could be. 

This also correlates with not being lenient with basic tasks, because when you neglect doing the dishes, folding clothes or putting away your shoes… They will all slowly accumulate into one big mess that will prevent you from getting much done. If you’re more self-disciplined and organise and clean as you go, you’ll create a better, cleaner work-space environment. One that will help you be more productive, not less. And when you’re more productive, you’ll likely get more of the things you want done. Which will make you feel more fulfilled, and live a better, happier single life. Or, if it’s just your living space, and you don’t work at home, it will be a poor living environment. You’ll dread coming home and feel bad in your own personal space, which should be your fortress. 

8. Maintain connections

One of the biggest misconceptions about singleness is that it’s synonymous with loneliness. But in reality, loneliness has nothing to do with your relationship status. And if you feel like it does, it’s because you’re using it as an excuse or as a source for blame. So what is the cause of loneliness? Just like most things in life, it’s a combination of different components. One of the main components, likely the ‘make or break it’ one, is having meaningful connections. Both with yourself and with people in your life. If you don’t have any real connections… Then you’ll feel like you don’t have someone to turn to, to share with and fall back on.

If you don’t have someone you can count on, someone you can talk to candidly and share with – Both the good and the bad… Then how will you ever feel full? How will you ever have a fulfilled life if you feel lonely? That you don’t have anyone significant in your life, or real connections?

If you invest first of all in building a relationship and connection with yourself… And then with the most important people around you… You won’t only be less lonely, you’ll also have a fuller life. You’ll be spending more time doing productive, fulfilling and fun things with yourself, and with friends or family. Real connections give you more activities for you to fill your life with, but also more real emotions. More real conversations and discussions. And maybe even most importantly, you’ll have more people to not only share life with, and what you’re going through… But also people that actually care about it and you. And you’ll care more about yourself and your life. Which is one of the most precious assets you could ask for.

9. Hobbies

Last, but certainly not least, are hobbies. This is something I preach about as often as I can, and it makes a lot of my lists… Because it’s one of the most important things you can do for yourself and fill your life with. When you take away the time where you work, do chores and tasks, and meet with friends or family… What you’re left with is time that you spend with yourself. If you spend most of that time just watching TV or scrolling through social media… Your time won’t feel well spent, and you may even feel bad about it. It will likely even make you dread it, because it’s not something that adds substance to your life. 

Hobbies are a great way to fill that time, which is not only productive, but also fun and exciting. They can even be therapeutic or knowledgeable, and you can learn from them a lot, both about yourself and life. Hobbies are not only one of the best ways to spend quality time with yourself… But it’s also something productive and meaningful you can do with yourself and with your life. A person who hasn’t got any hobbies, or doesn’t develop and work on them, is more prone to loneliness and bitterness. You’re also more prone to see your own company as punishment… Because you don’t have much value for your alone time. 

In conclusion – fill your time with things that matter, and remove those that don’t

If you want to change, if you want to see change in your life and feel like you’re doing something with life and yourself… Then you actually have to do something. While having friends and family is great, it’s not everything and you can’t always be with others. You also need to be with yourself and you also need more things to fill your time with… Because there’s also a limit to how much you can meet up with people, and avoid your alone time. Not to mention, that you may not always have someone to spend time with, so what are you going to do then?


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Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!
Michal B.L.

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