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Top Productive Methods For A Better, More Fulfilling Single Life

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These are the top four ways, activities and experiences for a more productive, full and lively single life. This is part one of twoREAD PART TWO HERE

Far too often I hear people say that being single is a waste of a life, that being single isn’t a fulfilling life. I believe this to be very ignorant, and anyone who says such things, either doesn’t understand what they’re talking about, or just hasn’t done it the right way. Single life can be very boring and unfulfilling if you don’t do it properly. And so can married life, for that matter. Your life, no matter your relationship status, will be a direct outcome of what YOU make of it. So if you don’t do anything with it, and just sit around hoping things will just magically improve… Of course they never will. You need to be proactive and create the life you want. You need to fill your time with things that will help you achieve that. 

There is also no need to go overboard, or drive yourself insane over it. And you certainly don’t need to overthink or over complicate it, because that will only prevent you from doing it. Or at least from sticking to it in the long run. If it seems overwhelmingly big on you, you won’t believe you can do it, so you won’t. Also, you need to take small steps at first, start with one step after another, and build it up. The big things can come after. Here are a few ideas for you of what you can fill your single life with, to help you feel more productive and fuldilled. 

1. Go for walks

This one is especially important if you work from home, because staying inside all day could drive anyone insane. Personally, I also find that on days I stay inside more than usual, it affects my mental and physical health. It’s also on those days that I struggle to fall asleep the most. There are many studies that show many different benefits of walking at least 30 minutes a day. Besides just getting you out of the house, and moving your body… Walking every day can substantially improve your overall mental health and mood. Whether you struggle from depression, anxiety or just a foul state of mind. 

There are many benefits, but I find that more than anything, it improves my brain-fog and ability to focus. As well as my overall happiness. Which is definitely a great way to also improve my singleness, because now I’m spending quality time with myself. It’s alone-time that I feel good about, and that I look forward to. When the time I spend with myself has so many prominent advantages… I’m going to want to do it as much as I can. And it’s going to be something good and significant in my single life. So put on your favourite music, choose a nice route, and just get moving. I promise you that with time it won’t only get easier, but also quite addicting. And the best part is, it’s so easy and simple, all you have to do is walk out the door. 

Walking is a great way to improve or maintain your overall health. Just 30 minutes every day can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen bones, reduce excess body fat, and boost muscle power and endurance. It can also reduce your risk of developing conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis and some cancers. Unlike some other forms of exercise, walking is free and doesn’t require any special equipment or training.

Better Health Channel
2. Be curious

Life can be very boring and monotonic if you don’t question anything, if you just let it happen to you. Being curious in your day to day, in small different ways… Is a great way to learn new things, without having to put a lot of time and effort into it. If you encounter a word you don’t know. Or someone mentions something you don’t understand. Or you hear about an event in history you’ve never heard of… Look it up and read or watch a video about it.

You can take just a few minutes doing it, and learn a lot of interesting new things this way. It will also definitely improve your general knowledge, and help you use your brain more. Especially if you work at a job that doesn’t challenge you enough. There are so many more healthy benefits to being curious, like helping us keep an open and active mind, and be less passive. It’s something so small, which we may not even think about, yet also so easy to achieve. All that is stopping us is laziness and negativity. Instead of letting things fly over our head, we need to utilise it as an opportunity to learn.

This cannot only help you feel better about yourself, and wiser… It also adds more substance into your life. And it may not take you very long, but even if you spend just 5 minutes a day on it… It’s five minutes well spent with yourself. You can also use it when you’re out on dates or with friends. It gives you new things to talk about, or helps you be more knowledgeable and have more opinions on more topics. Which is especially great, if you struggle to find things to talk about with others. Or feel like you never have anything of value to contribute to a conversation. 

But did you know that the benefits of curiosity are not limited to the intellectual? For children and adults alike, curiosity has been linked with psychological, emotional, social, and even health benefits.

Emily Campbell, Greater Good Magazine, Berkeley
3. Study something new / develop a new skill

If you’re feeling like your life is lacking substance, or that it’s boring and dull… Another great way to change things up is by studying something new. You don’t have to go out and study full time, but even just taking a simple course can do the trick. It’s a level above being curious, but also shouldn’t complicate yourself and your life. Studies even show that when you learn a new skill, there are many benefits that don’t only pertain to what you learned. Besides learning a new skill or gaining new knowledge, you’re also stimulating your brain. You’re also expanding the elements of who you are and your life… In a way, it makes you a more interesting person, both to yourself and to others. 

I know that finding more time and energy, especially for things that require the actual use of the brain… can be daunting and may take some effort to fit into your schedule. In the beginning it may feel like a huge challenge that you need to overcome every day and minute you spend on it… But with time, as you start reaping the benefits, it will turn into a great asset. If you choose something you’re interested in, then you’ll also enjoy it. You’ll look forward to it, and it will be the peak of your week. And again, this is a great way to spend quality time with yourself. It can also potentially help you meet new people and lead to more social activities. 

Research suggests that adults need to keep their minds active, especially as they grow older. In fact, learning a mentally demanding skill can improve cognitive functioning and slow down aging. 

Alison Rodericks, UPSKILLED
4. Learn a new language

While this may fall under the category of learning something new, this is definitely a skill that deserves a whole section of its own. I also believe one should learn new skills AND a new language. Just like learning a new skill, learning a new language helps stimulate your brian and gives it a much needed boost. Especially in this day and age, where we burn so many cells on social media and binge watching Netflix. Or even just working with screens all day long. In addition to that and many more benefits, learning a new language also enhances your abilities and improves your performance. Not to mention, that if you’re a travel buff, it can be very useful if you travel to destinations that speak that language. 

You can also choose the study method that is best for you, whether it be in a class, where you can also meet new people (who can also practice with you). Or a one on one class, which is more intimate and less intimidating. I find that one on one you can focus more on what you need, and not everyone’s needs. It’s also a lot of fun, it’s a great, productive way to spend your time, without feeling like you’re wasting it away. I also feel like it’s one of the best investments in myself, which helps me feel good about spending the money and about me. 

This is how I learn Spanish!

I personally study Spanish with an app called iTalki, which is basically like a fiverr for language teachers. It’s super affordable, easy to use and you don’t have to commit to anything. For me, it just gives me someone to talk with and practice my Spanish. But there are also teachers that can teach you from scratch, with grammar rules and all. You can check it out with MY REFERRAL LINK, and get 5$ when you spend your first 20$

There are tangible benefits to being bilingual—it can improve your brain and memory functions, boost your creativity and self-esteem,  help in your career opportunities, as well as increase your understanding of the language you already speak. Read on to find out more about the benefits of learning a foreign language.

University of the POTOMAC
In other words, don’t only binge-watch shows or reality TV. 

While I understand the need to collapse onto the couch at the end of a work day, and do absolutely NOTHING… which in many cases is much needed. I also believe that if you want to improve your single life, you need to start filling it with more than that. Especially since you don’t have anyone else to count on, or to motivate you. You can even start with one evening a week where you start learning something new or doing something else, and slowly build it up. And always remember that it’s okay to have some time to also not do anything, which will help you keep the balance. 

It will also add a substantial amount of substance into your life, and make your single life feel more significant. You will feel like you’re not just wasting your time away, you’re actually using it to do and be productive. Not to mention, it will help you show yourself that you’re worth the investment. And of course, spending better, more productive time with yourself, will push you forward in your journey to embracing yourself and your singleness. 


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Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!
Michal B.L.

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