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Top Daily Self-Care Methods When You’re Single

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These are the top daily self-care methods when you’re single to integrate into your regular, daily routines, for a better single life. 

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Far too often, we neglect our own self-care, especially when we’re single. Not only the extra pampering we all need sometimes, but also the daily, basic hygiene routines and care. We skip brushing our teeth, or washing our faces properly. And we certainly don’t take time to take a self-care break, where we just do something for ourselves and our souls. We even see it as a waste of time, because we can spend that time being productive. But how productive can you be if you’re not taking time to recharge? Not only to sleep and do nothing, but also give yourself that extra oomph. Something that will give you a much needed extra boost.

When you’re single, you have more time to take care of yourself. And it’s the best time to actually learn how to do. Once you do, it will continue with you even when you find a relationship. In your singlehood it’s even more crucial, because you don’t have anyone else to help or do it for you. You don’t need to combine every single one of the following methods, every single day. Pick and choose the right ones for you, and find the best ways to incorporate them into your own life. There may be some that need to be done every day, and some you can do intermittently. Do some trial and error, if needed, in order to find the right ones and the best balance between them for you.

Go over the following top daily self-care methods when you’re single, and find the ones most suited for you and your life.
The Basics

These are the basics of your self-care. Of all the top daily self-care methods when you’re single, the following self-care methods will make or break all other routines. If you don’t care for your personal hygiene or your body, you’re certainly not pampering yourself extra

1. Personal Hygiene

How many times have you skipped brushing your teeth or a shower because you felt too lazy? When were tired, overwhelmed and too busy, our personal hygiene tends to suffer. I understand it very well, having done so myself far more times than I’d like to admit. We all have. And that’s okay, it’s part of what makes us human. That being said, it’s these simple, daily “chores” we must complete. Brushing your teeth, cleansing your face and showering are just a few of these daily personal hygiene actions we need to take… To help us feel good about ourselves and improve our overall well being. When you feel clean and fresh, you’ll not only feel more prepared to be in the presence of others… But also in your own presence

2. Face, Hand and Body Creams

Using different creams for different parts of your body is a great way to self care all around. It helps you tend to your skin, keeping it well nourished and looking younger for longer. Creams also help you get rid of dried, wrinkled skin and blemishes, which will also help you feel better about yourself. It will make you more confident, presentable, and most importantly, it will prompt you to care for yourself more, and more often.

3. Personal Grooming

Similarly to using creams, also grooming yourself is a necessity to help your overall well being, and feeling better about yourself. Cutting your nails, plucking your eyebrows, getting a haircut, and more. These are all ways to “up-keep” yourself, not only to be more “presentable”, but also to help yourself feel good about you. Personally, I feel so much better when I get my nails done. Not only because I’m less embarrassed with others, but I also just feel so good about myself. It makes me happy. It’s my way of showing myself that I care. 

4. Take A Break

When I say take a break, I actually mean take a break. Now that I work from home, I find myself skipping breaks far more than I should. I eat while I work, and work while I take “breaks”. I find it hard to let go, but I learned the hard way to take proper breaks. Real breaks that will help you unwind and relax. Give yourself and your brain a much needed break from thinking and working. If you don’t, you will become far too jaded, way too quickly. If you want to have enough energy and stamina to keep going, you need to designate some time for yourself everyday, to basically just do nothing. And NOT feel guilty about it.

A Bit of Extra Pampering

This is something you can do for yourself once or twice a week, as a way to boost your mood, just relax, spend quality alone time, etc. It’s another way to show yourself you’re worth it, and believe it. As well as rejuvenate for what’s next to come.

5. Scalp Massage + oil

This is a tool that I would never actually purchase for myself. But in one of my Therabox’s I received a scalp treatment serum, which is how I acquired this new found self care method. Ten to fifteen minutes before my shower, I massage the serum into my scalp, which is great for the scalp and hair growth… But more than that, it can help you relax, release some stress and aches. You can also pair it with a scalp massager. This can also be used in the shower to wash your hair and scalp. While shampooing, it’s also a great opportunity to just relax and give yourself a well deserved scalp massage. 

6. Face Masks

You probably know by now how much I love face masks. Especially the TONYMOLY I’m Real Sheet Mask Collection. They are a great way all around to self care. While it’s primary purpose is to improve your skin, the advantages of it go far beyond that. It’s a great opportunity to take 15-20 minutes for yourself to unwind and relax. To give yourself some much needed pampering. Which will not only make you feel better about yourself, it will also help you connect with yourself. By giving yourself regular quality alone time. You can also get a nose patch, eye masks, or any other you like and prefer.

7. Take A Long Shower

I love showers, they’re a delight in my opinion, even more so than baths. Yet, far too many times I rush through the whole shower process, narrowing it down to 5-7 minutes. Just so I can get on with my day, and accomplish more things. Which is fine, but I also find that taking the time at least once a week to indulge under the warm stream of water… Is a great way to help you feel fresh and rejuvenated. Allow yourself to just bathe under the warmth, enjoy the process of cleaning yourself with soap. Massage your scalp. Cleanse your face. Sing. Let go and just release all of your nagging worries, stress and thoughts. Release the tension.

8. Mani / Pedi

When I got my nails done I felt so good about myself and that it was worth the investment. I was worth it. But I understand not everyone can afford it or even likes it. So you don’t have to go all out, but if already you’re taking care of your personal grooming, may as well take that extra step, right? You can get yourself a mani/pedi kit and just do it yourself at home. No need to go all out and do your own gel… But you can paint them, clean them, soak them in soap water, clean the dead skin, etc.

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle

Your body is your fortress, and you need to take care of it as best your can, as long as you can. So you can live for as long as possible, in the best conditions possible.

9. Go on regular walks

Of all the self-care methods in this list… This one is probable my top one. It helps me feel good all around, very fast. My daily walks started because I needed to take my dog out twice a day. Very quickly, however, it became my favourite form of taking care of myself. These daily walks are not only great for my health and to get my body moving… But also a wonderful opportunity to get out of the house, be outside in fresh air, and soak in some much needed vitamin D. Which has done wonders for my mental health as well. While I do bring my phone for music, I have a strict rule to not actually use it. Not for social media and not for calling, texting and anything else. This is my time to disconnect from anything else, and connect with nature, my dog and myself. It’s truly a cleansing experience. 

10. Guided Meditation

If you’re struggling to let go and free your mind, to stop overthinking and worrying about everything possible… Guided meditation can definitely make it easier for you. Think of it like a writing prompt, when you’re not sure what to write. Guided meditation gives you instruction on what to do and think, to help you let go. It also gives you something else to think about and helps you divert your attention from your worries. As well as helping you did a bit deeper, into your subliminal. Which can help you reach more rooted issues, and letting them go. 

11. Stretching

Stretching is the one part of working out that is often overlooked, even though it’s possibly the most important part. Besides the physiological part of it, of helping you stretch out your muscles, after you’ve worked them out… They help you take a moment to just be, to focus on yourself and your body. Personally I love the feeling of it, but it also makes me feel more loose after it. Quite literally. Besides after workouts, I think it’s important to stretch your body throughout the day, especially if you’re hunched over a computer for most of it. In the morning it helps wake your body and mind, preparing them for the day. During the day, they help you loosen any stiff muscles and relax your body.

12. Working Out

As I’ve said before, our bodies are our fortresses, they are our hosts in this world and we need to maintain them. We need to protect them. Workingout, while it can be quite gruesome, it’s also crucial. They make our bodies stronger, make them stay younger for longer. And they also help us feel good about ourselves. But most of all, working out is a great way to release tension and fight anxiety. When you start reaping these benefits, working out will become so much better, and even addicting. 

13. Eating Healthy

In addition to working out, and similarly to it, eating healthy is another great way to up-keep your body. To cleanse it from the inside out. What you eat not only shows on your skin and body, but also on your soul. When you eat healthy, you feel better about yourself. You feel like you’re being taken care of, which makes you want to take care of yourself more. 

14. Ginger Shots

Personally I love the taste of ginger, and I enjoy drinking ginger shots. Even if I didn’t like it, I would probably still continue to drink them. Ginger is known to be very healthy, and over the years it’s been the best medicine for me. I try to take it regularly, but it’s not always possible. However, when I’m not feeling well, or feel like I’m about to be ill, it does wonders for me. You can either buy a ready made one, or create one at home… Just squeeze some lemons and either finely-grate or blend the ginger, then mix together. You can also add some organic honey if it’s too spicy for you. This shot will certainly feel like it’s cleansing you from the inside out. It’s also great for your immunity. 

Therapeutic, Relaxing Activities

Self-care isn’t only about cleaning, cleansing, grooming or hygiene. It’s also about caring for your soul and filling your life with activities that will nurture and nourish it. As well as keep the anxiety at bay, and your soul calm and relaxed.

15. Read  A Book

I’ve always liked to find refuge in a different, a fictional world that sucked me in and helped me forget about everything else. It’s also one of the only things that helped me switch off my mind for a bit. Reading a book is a form of self care, because it gives you a moment for yourself. It helps you take a break from everything else and just focus on letting go. When I’m done reading, I always feel fresh, rejuvenated, almost like a new person. While self-help and learning books are super important, it’s also important to read awesome feel good books… That don’t require too many brain cells, and you can just let go for a bit. For example, at the moment I’m reading Tom Felton’s book ‘Beyond the Wand’ – which also takes me back in time to my Harry Potter days. So that’s an extra bonus.

16. Writing 

If reading is escaping into an imaginary world, writing is creating my own imaginary world. It’s one of the reasons I wanted to become a writer, I wanted to help create worlds for others to escape to. And while writing them, it’s also a great way for me to disconnect from everything else and just focus on creating something new and different. This is also a form of self care, in my opinion, because it also helps you let go. It helps you loosen your mind and just let yourself flow. Free your mind and let it run wild. 

17. Journaling

In my blog post “How to Shift Your Mindset” I wrote about the best ways to change your mindset, one of which is journaling. I believe that this is one of the best ways to take care of yourself, because it’s a way to release all the troubles in your mind. This is different from writing, because with journaling you’re letting out your own real thoughts and concerns. You can also use it as a form of tracking your progress and learning from it how to do and be better. It can also help you put things into perspective and organise the mess in your head.

If you’d like, you can check out these AWESOME journals my Mum designed!

18. Just Dance

One of the most stress-relieving activities, in my opinion, is to just dance, like you have no care in the world. Put on your favourite, up-beat music, and just move your body, bounce and jump around. Even if you can’t dance, even if you don’t usually like it… Allowing your body to flow to the beat of the music, will surely release a lot of your tension. It will help you disconnect from everything else, to numb your mind for a moment and not think of anything else. And it’s also so much fun, and will certainly boost your mood and provide you with a much needed pick-me-up.

Clearing & Cleansing Your Mind

In addition to clearing and cleansing your soul, you also need to take time to clear your mind. Which has a tendency to overthink and work overtime. Shutting off your mind at night while you sleep, isn’t enough. You also need to take small moments throughout the day and week to do the same. (The therapeutic activities will also help you with this)

19. Coffee Break

What better way to clear your mind than to make your favourite coffee (or any other beverage) and just take your time with it? Whether you work from home or not, it’s important to take a much needed moment for yourself and your coffee, and a break from everything else. You’d be surprised how much of a difference 10-20 minutes with your coffee can make. This will not only help you clear your mind… But also connect with yourself better. These short, small moments every day, will help you spend quality alone time. Which will make you feel more comfortable in your own company and love yourself better

20. Digital Detox

I don’t think I need to tell you how bad digital devices in general, and social media specifically, can be bad for your mental health. And for your eyes and probably brain as well. Social media is also one of the biggest contributor to overthinking and comparing yourself. Taking some much needed break from these, is one of the best forms of self care, and the biggest favour you can do for yourself. I generally suggest putting your phone aside while you work. But you also need to let it go in your own personal time. Especially before you go to sleep. Even a 10-20 minute break is great for your mind and well being. Not to mention, that it gives you some time to just be and connect with yourself.

21. Treat Yourself

Treating yourself can come in many different forms, and it’s crucial to start finding the right ones for you. We spend so much time being there for others, treating and surprising them, that we forget about ourselves and neglect our own needs. Treating yourself to your favorite wine, take-out, chocolate or anything else you like. Buy yourself nice surprises just because, for no special reason, other than to show yourself some appreciation. This will not only give you a nice mood-boost… But will also bring you closer to yourself, help you connect better to you. It’s also a great way to distract yourself and shut off and clear your mind, as well as just relax.

22. Play or listen to music

There is a song for every mood, or to get you out of any mood. One of the best ways to clear your mind, and soul, is to listen to a great song. It’s also a fantastic way to either boost your mood, relax or help you let go of nagging thoughts. Music, whether you listen to it or play it on an instrument… Can distract you from almost anything, and chase away some of your demons. You can also put on music as you work or clean, to improve your productivity or make it more fun. But I suggest to have moments in your life to just envelop yourself in the music and enjoy it.

External Stimulation

When we’re single, one of the things we usually miss most is the human touch and contact. Just because we’re not in a relationship, doesn’t mean we can’t scratch that itch in other ways, or with other relationships.

23. Cuddle with a loved one

Again, you don’t need to have a romantic relationship to have someone to hug you. It’s only natural as a human to want someone to just hold us for a moment, and often it can be more comforting than anything else. It not only reminds you that there’s something who cares about you… It also gives you a moment of calm, relaxation and silence to be present and enjoy the contact. I found that asking the person to squeeze me tight also helps me feel even more to focus on just the hug and nothing else.

24. Pet your pet

Or if you don’t have one, perhaps you can pet your neighbours’, friends’ or family members’ pets. Animals in general are just so adorable and great at boosting your mood… But petting their soft fur is also the best form of relaxation and anxiety relief. It’s even been scientifically proven. It’s a great, healthy way to distract yourself and forget for a moment about anything that’s bothering you.

25. Soak in some sun

Staying in all day long, not only contributes to you feeling cooped up and your anxiety… It also prevents you from soaking in some much-needed vitamin D. There are many benefits to spending some time in the sun every day (and I don’t mean tanning on the beach or by the pool). It especially helps you boost your mood and feels good on your skin (if done right). All you have to do is take 5-10 minutes a day to either stand, sit or walk in the sun to both get you out of the house and soak in a good dose of vitamin D.

26. Pleasure yourself regularly

Last, but certainly not least, is the topic that seems to be taboo, even though it’s one of the most natural urges. Especially when we’re single and don’t have anyone else to do it for us. I found that more often than not, no one else could give me what I could give myself. Definitely not as good. This is a great way to release some energy and relieve tension. It can also boost your mood and make you happier, as well as improve your sleep and at the same time, energize you. And when you do find someone, you already know what you like and don’t like, and show them.

In conclusion – you don’t need to go far or over the top

In fact, the simpler and easier it is, the better. That way, it will be much easier for you to maintain and keep in your daily and weekly routines. Also, it’s often the small, simple things in life that make us happiest. And I believe that constantly relying on huge, mind-blowing things to excite us and make us happy, isn’t good for us. It will make us numb to the small things in life. We don’t need to go all out and over the top every time to improve our lives, if at all. We often neglect and overlook the simple things in life, yet, they have the most potential to make us happy. Taking care of ourselves, is a huge part of our happiness and strength. The quality of your life, is highly dependent on how well you take care of yourself and your body.

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Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!
Michal B.L.

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