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Top Self Care Essentials for Singles

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These are the top six self care essentials for singles and their benefits, to help you embrace yourself and live your best single life.

I’ve spoken before about the top five methods of self care that are important to incorporate into your life, both to help you embrace yourself and to learn how to enjoy your own company. In this blog post I want to talk more specifically about the top 6 self care essentials, I think every single person needs in their life to enhance the quality of their life.

Especially if you’re single, and have no one else to care for, you need to make sure more than ever to be there for yourself and invest in you. In general, it’s always important to learn how to be there for yourself and put yourself first. I also believe that your single period is also the best time to start learning all that and taking care of yourself, because you have the time and capacity to do so. You’re more able to just focus on your and your own self care.

1. Subscription boxes

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. I know that not everyone can afford to pay monthly for a subscription box, but if you can, I highly recommended it. Personally for me, it’s upgraded my life in general, and single life specifically in so many ways. There’s a huge variety of subscription boxes, and you can pick and choose whichever one is best for you. Personally I recommend Singles Swag or Therabox (shocker I know). But they’re both perfect for single women in need of TLC (I mean, one of them is literally for single women!) Therabox is also curated by therapists and aimed to inspire a happier life and boost your self care routine.

Benefits of subscription boxes:
  • Boost happiness – I mean, it’s fun, it’s surprising! It’s even written on the Therabox, because that’s literally the first thing it does. Firstly, by just receiving it, it makes you smile. The surprise element also induces excitement. And of course, many of the products inside are curated to help you be a happier person and lead a happier life. In Therabox there’s even a happiness boosting activity product every single month… So if you struggle with finding ways to lead a happier life, this is a great prompter.
  • Quality alone timespending quality time with yourself, is a crucial step in both learning how to enjoy your own company, and journey to embracing yourself. And another one of the reasons I love subscription boxes so much, is that they easily help me spend quality alone time. First of all, while unboxing the subscription box, and then when using the quality products that come in the box. Also, the happiness boosting activity I mentioned above in the Therabox really helps you with finding ways to make your alone time of high value. Especially if you’re lost and have no idea where to even begin.
  • Skin and self care – My own self care routine was very poor before I started getting subscription boxes. And let me tell you, they definitely upgraded it all around. Both by providing me with quality products, and with prompting me to build a better… More prominent and consistent self care routine. My skin has never looked better, and let’s face it – we’re not getting any younger… So it’s crucial to take care of our skin as much as we can, and start as young as we can.
  • Quality of life – All of the above benefits have all contributed in leveling up my overall quality of life. It’s helped me appreciate myself and my alone time more, and has inspired me to just focus on the happier, positive sides of life. And obviously, receiving really good, high quality products is always a huge bonus.
2. Quality products for your skin

As I mentioned above, the use of good products is crucial for taking care of our skin. So we can look younger, and better for longer. One of the reasons why I love subscription boxes so much is because they provide me with high quality products, at very affordable prices. Many of the products I wouldn’t even be able to afford if I had to purchase it on my own. Since I started using these quality products, my facial skin has cleared up and barely ever get any breakouts anymore. It doesn’t even have to be high-end products, but it also shouldn’t be the cheapest product you can find… Regardless of whether or not it’s good for your skin. Or even worse – none at all.

Benefits of quality products for your skin:
  • Keeps you looking younger for longer
  • Helps you fight breakouts and any other damages your skin is prone to
  • It boosts your confidence by helping you feel good about yourself and your skin
  • Prompts you to be consistent with your skin care routine
3. Stock of face masks

If you’ve been following my blog for a while now, this also shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. Just like subscription boxes, face masks are the all around treatment and self care products. If you ask me, they do way more than just nourish and care for your skin. I’ve always loved face masks, and love using them regularly… But this is also another thing that I’ve been doing way more since I started getting subscription boxes… Because they provide me with really good masks on a regular basis. But even if you don’t get or don’t want to get subscription boxes… I still highly recommend you keep a stock of face masks. 

Benefits of face masks:
  • They’re a great way to spend some quality time with yourself
  • Improve your skin care routine and the state of your skin
  • It also boosts your confidence by helping you feel good about yourself and your skin
  • And of course, they also contribute to helping you look younger and better for longer.
4. Home spa day date

This isn’t a product, but it’s definitely an important essential to help you boost your self care, and your single life (and no matter your relationship status). In my blogs I talk a lot about the importance of dating yourself, and there are also many ways to do this. One of the best, and also one of my personal favourites, is a home spa day date.

It doesn’t even have to be a whole day, it can also be half a day or a couple of hours. As long as you take the time for yourself, to focus on you and pamper yourself. Personally, I like to combine this date into my schedule at least once a month. You can find your own balance and schedule it when you can, but make sure to make time for it. It’s no less important than any other task you have, if not more. 

Benefits of a home spa day date:
  • It’s a wonderful self date, which helps you connect with yourself, and of course – spend some quality alone time.
  • Provides you with a much needed break from reality and busy schedules and tasks. An opportunity to recharge and regain your energy.
  • Boosts your confidence, mood and overall well being and happiness, by taking care of yourself and calming you.
  • And of course, it is a great way to give that little extra attention to your skin and body.
5. Skin and hygiene routines

This is something that ties it all together and is the most basic and fundamental part of your self care. Having quality products and face masks is great and all, but alone isn’t enough. You need to have a proper routine, which helps you combine them into your life properly and also stay consistent with it. And like with almost everything in life, consistency is key. If you want to improve your quality of life and your self care, you need to be consistent. And in order to be consistent you need a proper routine. For a long time I neglected myself and my own routine, but again, subscription boxes prompted me to invest in it more and put in the effort to make it better. Which inspired me to build proper skincare and hygiene routines I can stick to.

Benefits of skin and hygiene routines:
  • Help you stay consistent with your self care routines and maintain a proper regime
  • Boosts your confidence by helping you feel better about yourself… When you’re nice and clean, and taken care of – you feel so much better.
  • Your basic hygiene routine is the most fundamental routine and should be the core of your self care… Which contributes to your body care and feeling good about yourself.
  • It will strengthen your self relationship and it’s a great way to show yourself some love, that you matter… Thus you will feel closer to yourself.
6. Workout routine

You don’t have to be fantastic or an athlete, you don’t even have to work out every single day. But you do have to take care of your body in some way, shape or form, and do it on a regular basis. Your body is your fortress, you need it to function and live your life. So you need to protect and take care of it, you need to maintain it so it stays strong and well for as long as it can.

You can do simple workouts from home, go for walks, join some classes or go to the gym. I also try to walk as much as I can in my daily life, taking the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator whenever I can. All of these small, dali habits contribute to the overall well being of your body. And you need to be more minded towards them, at least at first. With time they will become automatic, and you’ll probably start going for the stairs without even thinking about it

Benefits of a workout routine:
  • Your body will be healthier, stronger, more in shape and resilient
  • You’ll be an overall healthier person and will likely get sick less
  • It will boost your confidence and help you feel better about yourself and your body
  • It will boost your happiness and mood

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Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!
Michal B.L.

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