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Anxiety Relief Checklist and Affirmations for Singles

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In my blog post “Anxiety Relief” I wrote about different methods for coping and dealing with Anxiety. I have created for you a checklist of things you can do everyday to help you cope, especially if you are single and need to do it on your own.

I have also created for you a list of affirmations which you can also use every day. Repeat them to yourself to remind yourself how strong you are, that it’s temporary, and that you will get through it.

Side note – overcoming anxiety while single, will strengthen you so much more. There is nothing quite empowering like fighting through a life challenge on your own – with your own forces.

Hope this finds you well and helps. Please make sure to let me know, and if you post it anywhere, make sure to tag me (;

Michal B.L.

Check out these downloadable and pinnable anxiety relief checklist and affirmations:

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Hey there! My name is Michal, I was born and raised in Israel, currently I live in a small city near Jerusalem. I'm a certified life coach, and in my Single Life Blog, I write about single life in all its glory and share Single Life Lessons to help you embrace yourself and your singlehood. I offer tips and advice for a better, happy single life, how to be independent, feel comfortable in your own skin and company, and how to not chase toxic people - all of which are based on my own 7-year single life experience.

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