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Top 8 Cafes in Vienna to Work From

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Best cafes for solo travelers. These are the top 8 cafes in Vienna to work from or just sit and write or read, when you’re traveling and working remotely.

I may be unoriginal saying this, but I don’t care because Vienna is a great city for solo travelers and I’m not ashamed of my love for it. So yes, it is my favourite city I’ve been to in Austria. Besides being an amazing city with great vibes, it’s the perfect city for the remote worker. Of all three cities I’ve been to in Austria, it was the best one, especially since it was the best and most comfortable one to work from. Which is mainly thanks to all the amazing and wonderful cafes they have. There are many options and so many different types to choose from, so no matter your vibes, I’m sure you’ll find the ones that suit you best.These cafes I’ve chosen as my top 8 favourite ones are amazing for solo travelers, whether you need to work remotely, or sit and write, read a book, or anything else.

Based on a few criteria that are most important for remote workers, I’ve scored each cafe, to help you also decide which ones are best for you.

1. Phil

This one was certainly love at first sight, and if I were a local, I’d probably be a regular customer at this cafe. I believe that one of the best and most inspiring views for writers is definitely books. And this cafe has them in abundance. All types, shapes and forms, in a beautiful array of colours, which certainly adds to the unique ambiance of the place.

  • When to go – in contrast to many other cafes in the area, Phil’s is open all day, so you can go at your own convenience. Personally I went in the morning and had breakfast, while it was still quite empty and quiet, which was really nice.
  • Space – it’s a large space with a lot of places to sit, there are also a few different areas to choose from, depending on your mood.
  • Menu – great, large menu with a nice variety with standard prices, I had a breakfast, which was simple but really nice.
  • Coffee – like most places in Vienna, the coffee is quite small but also really nice and tasty.
  • Location – not in the center, but very close and easy to get to.
  • Comfort level – personally I felt like I could sit here for hours, and it’s a great place to do so. Because it’s quite big you won’t feel bad for taking up space, and you can sit there for a long time and feel comfortable alone.
  • Wifi – great wifi.
  • Outlets – not many, but they do have a few by some tables.
2. Cafe Nest

This place was highly recommended and for good reason. It’s super cozy and comfortable, the food is great and the service is really nice. This would also probably be a place I would love to go back to again and again. 

  • When to go – as it only opens at 5pm, this place is perfect for sitting in the evenings, granted you work well in these hours. For me it was perfect, and it was a perfect evening workspace.
  • Space – it’s not very big, but it does have a good amount of space and places to sit.
  • Menu – good menu, fair prices – you have to try the nockerl, so good!
  • Coffee – personally I didn’t get a chance to try their coffee, but their white wine is amazing! And there’s nothing quite like a nice glass of wine while writing.
  • Location – a bit off track, but not too far from the center and not hard to get to.
  • Comfort level – this place is very cozy and I felt very comfortable there, it had a nice funky atmosphere. Personally I felt like I could sit there for hours and not feel bad or out of place.
  • Wifi – great wifi.
  • Outlets – there was only one place with a few outlets, but it’s all you need.
3. Jonas Reindl

Jonas is definitely the classic cafe for remote workers and is the complete epitome of a laptop friendly cafe. If you’re struggling to find the perfect place to sit, this is definitely a great default to spend your time in. When I struggled to find a new place to sit and didn’t know where to go, this is the cafe I turned to… As it’s the easiest to get to and most accessible, and had the most people sitting alone.

  • When to go – they close at 5:30/6 pm, so it’s best to go in the morning or afternoon.
  • Space – not very big, but they have enough space and they always had a few seats available when I went.
  • Menu – I didn’t check the menu, but they had mainly cakes and drinks.
  • Coffee – not the cheapest coffee, but definitely one of the better ones.
  • Location – great location, very close to the center, and very easy to get to.
  • Comfort level – again, definitely the best place to sit and work alone and feel comfortable to sit for as long as you want.
  • Wifi – they probably had the best wifi.
  • Outlets – they had a lot of outlets along the whole couch seating, and a few others around the cafe.
4. Coffee Pirates

Another great space for solo diners and remote workers. This place is definitely a picture perfect cafe where I could probably spend all day. It’s cozy, unique and has an amazing atmosphere and vibes. If I could choose one cafe to go to every single day, this would probably be it.

  • When to go – they close at 5pm so basically anytime before that. I went in the morning and it was a great time to go, very quiet.
  • Space – very large and spacious with a few different seating areas. 
  • Menu – they don’t really have a menu, and there’s not much food, but they have some great panini’s and pastries.
  • Coffee – amazing coffee, one of the best ones and very affordable
  • Location – a bit off track, but fairly easy to get to, and definitely worth it.
  • Comfort level – super comfortable and cozy, can sit there for hours without feeling out of place or anyone even noticing. There are many other people sitting alone, so you won’t feel out of place.
  • Wifi – not the best, at least where I was sitting in the back, and the only downfall of this place. Perhaps in the main area it would be better, but I personally preferred sitting in the back.
  • Outlets – not many, but they do have enough.
5. Bugrasse 24

Similar to Phil’s, this cafe was also love at first sight and I knew that I was going to love it as soon as I saw it. Walking in, it felt like I was heading into someone’s living room and being welcomed with open arms. It’s certainly very cozy and homey, and the perfect place to just hang out for hours on end.

  • When to go – any time of day, it’s open almost all day long, everyday.
  • Space – large and spacious, many different places and some spaces to choose from.
  • Menu – I didn’t look at the menu so much, but I know they have a variety of options. I had cheesecake which was absolutely delicious.
  • Coffee – just like most cafes in Vienna, it’s very small, but also very good. Unfortunately every time I was there I got a very small amount of coffee, even less than most places. Which was disappointing and the only negative aspect of this place.
  • Location – great location near some nice museums and shops, very accessible. 
  • Comfort level – definitely very cozy and homey, could sit here for hours and not get tired of it or feel uncomfortable for being there so long.
  • Wifi – good wifi
  • Outlets – not many, but there are a couple
6. The Furniture Cafe – Das Mobel

This one is down the street from Bugrasse 24, so if you’re like me and like to try out different cafes and switch it up… It’s a great place to go right after you’ve been to Bugrasse 24. It also gives you a nice change of “scenery”, as it’s quite different to Bugrasse 24. It was my go to “evening workspace”, as there’s something about it, which is just great for that time of day. There’s something for everyone in this cafe, and more than any other cafe in this list, I feel like it’s most suited for almost everyone. 

  • When to go – as I mentioned above, I really liked sitting here in the evening. While I haven’t actually sat here in the morning, I’m sure it’s great any time of day. Especially since it has great opening hours. As opposed to many others, they’re open quite late, and on Sundays as well. So really, you probably can’t go wrong any time of day you go.
  • Space – it’s quite spacious and has a few different areas you can choose from and sit in. so depending on what you’re in the mood for and what you like, I’m sure you’ll find your space. This cafe is also quite large, so you also don’t have to worry whether there’ll be space… Or feel bad about taking up a table for a few hours.
  • Menu – I personally didn’t eat much here, just some nacho’s, but they do have a large menu with a variety of foods. There was also always a great scent of good food, so on that alone I can tell it’s probably good. 
  • Coffee – as I was mostly there in the evenings, I actually opted to get their white wine, which was great, and fairly priced. I didn’t try their coffee, but I’m sure it’s great too, as Vienna is known for their great coffee. Or if you go in the evening like me, I highly recommend their white wine.
  • Location – it’s a wonderful location, just like Bugrasse 24, close to many museums and at a walking distance from the city center. There’s also tram and train stations nearby and is very easy to access and get to.
  • Comfort level – so comfortable! I felt like I could sit here for hours, and in fact, I did. There are also a lot of other solo diners and people sitting with laptops, so you won’t feel out of place. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, and the space was also very inviting.
  • Wifi – great wifi.
  • Outlets – not many that I could see, but I know that there are a few.
7. PLAIN Vienna

I stumbled upon this cafe on my last day in Vienna, and boy was it a great find! It was a walking distance from my hostel, and so easy to get to. It was on a few of the cafe lists I read, but didn’t make my short list at first. But then I looked up cafes near me and it came up and I decided to give it a try. And boy am I glad that I did, because it was absolutely cozy and wonderful.

  • When to go – they have great opening hours, so any time would be great, as it’s just that place where it has everything, for any hour, including Sunday. Personally, I went there in the morning and it was perfect.
  • Space – it’s not the biggest of places, and doesn’t have many options, but it’s enough to have some space for you, for at least a couple of hours.
  • Menu – amazing menu with some great options for any time of day. I had breakfast and it was affordable and delicious. 
  • Coffee – they actually had one of the best and largest coffee’s in Vienna. Which is an achievement, because most cafes had tiny coffees. It’s also quite affordable.
  • Location – it’s a 20 minute walk to the city center, and is also very accessible with public transportation. It’s also very close to the canal, if you want to walk along the beautiful promenade there. 
  • Comfort level – very comfortable, but there weren’t any other solo diners and remote workers while I was there. But everyone was so friendly and nice, that I didn’t really feel out of place.
  • Wifi – great wifi.
  • Outlets – not many, but there are at least one or two places with them.
8. Europa

This is definitely not a cafe I would go back to, and I don’t recommend you go out of your way for it. But I did want to mention it, because it’s still a good option if you get stuck and don’t know where to go. They’re very big and have a lot of setting space. They also have great opening hours, and contrary to most other places, it’s open quite late. However, it’s very dark, loud and doesn’t really have outlets, there was only one I could find. But the coffee is good and fairly cheap. You could also probably sit here for hours and no one will say anything.

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