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TONYMOLY November Subscription Box Unboxing

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A full review of the products in the TONYMOLY November Subscription Box Unboxing + close up pictures of the products.

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Recently I’ve developed a slight addiction to subscription boxes. And really, who can blame me, right? I mean, besides being fun and surprising – they’re great value because you get amazing products for amazing prices. Also, subscription boxes are a great way to self care, which is super crucial for all singles (and all people in general). I’ve already unboxed a few, and I have a few more on the way… The Tony Moly box is fast becoming one of my favourites. Their October box, was my first ever subscription box.

First of all, it’s the only box I found that comes with so many products – 10 full size products + They always have extra sales or gifts that they add to the order. Second, their products are actually really good, and have already become an inseparable part of my self care and hygiene routine. I’m very careful with the products I apply to my skin, because it’s very problematic. But the Tony Moly creams and masks have been top quality and I can actually feel the difference and improvement. 

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Makeup Bag + Mango Hand Butter
Makeup Bag + Mango Hand Butter

As mentioned above, they always add extra gifts, and these two products were an extra fun surprise which they added to my cart while I ordered the box. You can never go wrong or have too many makeup bags (even though I don’t use makeup, they’re very useful). It’s also great quality and very cute. 

The hand cream is also amazing, and very high quality. It smells really really nice and feels so soft and smooth on the skin. I actually prefer this one to the Banana hand milk I got in the previous box. So if you’re searching for a new hand cream for your handbag, look no further.

Panda’s Dream White Magic Cream
Panda's Dream White Magic Cream

According to the product description on the Tony Moly site, this cream brightens the skin and eliminates dark spots. This cream is thicker than the other ones I’ve got, and it takes longer to absorb into the skin. It’s a little like applying sunscreen… It takes a little longer for the white to clear. But once it does, it feels really nice and the scent is amazing. I’ve used it for the past couple of weeks, and while the other creams had a quicker effect, I can still feel a slight difference. My skin is also problematic, like I’ve mentioned, so any progress is amazing. Although, if I had to choose which to re-purchase (from the day creams) I would definitely go for the Tako Pore Sebum Control Gel Cream. Or both 🙂

Egg Pore Tightening Cooling Pack
Egg Pore Tightening Cooling Pack

This face mask is created with clay and egg shell powder, which is really cool and I’ve never heard of such a thing. It is meant to deep clean and minimize the appearance of pores, also it’s supposed to leave your skin brighter, smoother and cleaner. It’s a bit too early to tell yet, but so far it seems to do the job. After I applied it, I could really feel it tightening my skin. After I washed it off, my skin felt nice and fresh. However, I do prefer sheet masks, mainly because they’re so much less messy. So as much as I really liked it, I probably wouldn’t buy it again, and will stick to sheet masks.

Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base
Panda's Dream Brightening Eye Base

This eye base is a concealer of sorts that is supposed to cover dark circles and awaken tired eyes. It’s also supposed to moisturise and illuminate the skin, which is great because who doesn’t love having one product that does more than one thing? Now personally I don’t use these products, because I don’t like makeup, so I gave this one to my sister and she absolutely loves it. She said she applies it under her eyes and it looks great and really brightens her eyes.


When they say tint, they mean tint. Like a serious, bright and prominent tint. Which is great, because it actually works and lasts for a long time. But you might want to proceed with caution, and much, much precision because it will leave a mark. If done right though, it’s really nice, although I prefer putting it on at night, so in the morning it’s less bright and more natural looking. For someone like me who has thin lips, it’s nice to have a natural way to make them look fuller.

I’m Lotus Hand Cream
I'm Lotus Hand Cream

Like I’ve said before, you can never have too much hand cream. It’s the cream I use the most and have one in every bag and every room in the house. This Lotus hand cream smells devine and my hands absolutely love it. For years now I had my all time favourite hand cream brand which I was using consistently, but this one is definitely fast becoming my new favourite.

Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara
Double Needs Pang Pang Mascara

Similar to their mascara I got in the previous box, this one too doesn’t cause dark circles under the eyes, like most mascaras do. When it gets wet, the black doesn’t leak all over the face, it just peels off, which is great. It also creates prominent and long lasting lashes, which I absolutely love. As I’ve mentioned before, the only makeup I use on a daily base, is mascara, and Tony Moly is definitely ruining me for other companies, which is very impressive.

EASY TOUCH Natural Brow Shadow
EASY TOUCH Natural Brow Shadow

Again, I don’t use wear makeup, so I would never even know where to begin with this product. I thought of playing around with it, just to humor myself, but that just seemed silly. Plus, I would just make a mess and it would be a waste. So I decided to give it to my best friend who does wear makeup and use eyebrow products on a much more regular basis. She has yet to try it, but as soon as she does, I’ll let you know her thoughts on it.

I’m Real Sheet Mask – Seaweed & Aloe

I'm Real Sheet Mask - Seaweed & Aloe

This sheet face mask collection has been amongst my favourites even before I bought the Tony Moly box. So I was excited and ecstatic to receive two new masks, especially since I’m starting to run out. I usually use them twice a week, and besides being pampering and fun, they’re really great for my skin. The only disappointment is that they’re considered two out of the ten products and not one, but it’s still great.


I’m not a huge fan of eye masks, they always feel a bit uncomfortable and I don’t like the feel of them on my face when I’m trying to sleep. But this one is definitely extremely adorable and I will give it a try very soon, the next time I fly. Maybe it will change my mind, who knows? I mean, I do love complete darkness when I sleep.

I bought the box from the Israeli site of Tony Moly, and you cannot get it in the same constellation on the US or European sites. But you can get all of the same products on there, and they even have their own monthly bundles. You can also check them out on amazon if you prefer and it’s easier. I’m not getting paid to promote them, and this is my absolute honest opinion. I would definitely highly recommend them and would love to hear from you if you’ve tried them and what you thought.

Happy self-caring!

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!
All my best,
Michal B.L.

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TONYMOLY October Subscription Box Unboxing Video

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