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Splendies underwear subscription – March 2021

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Unboxing the Splendies March 2021 underwear subscriptions – full review and closeup pictures of all the underwear that came in the bag.
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This is the second time that I’ve ordered the Splendies underwear subscription. The first time was for the Splendies vs. Bootay Bag unboxing that I did. Unfortunately, the previous time the sizing was a bit off, which was quite disappointing. That time I got the size S, and this time around I decided to get and try the size M. Right off the bat, the sizing is definitely so much better and fits me more than the S did.

Splendies is super affordable at $14.99 a month + shipping if you’re not based in the US. I paid $10 for shipping to Israel, which is not too bad. Even with the additional shipping, it’s still a great price for underwear. In Israel, to get some good underwear, it will cost at least 100 NIS (~ $30) for four pairs. So this is definitely a great bargain and the quality is also great.

Burgundy Undies

I love burgundy and it’s one of my two favourite colours, and I also love it for undies. So I’m so super pleased with it. They’re nice and soft and the lace on the back isn’t itchy at all, they feel really good on. They sit well and don’t press into the but or leave noticeable marks, which is very important when wearing undies. Trying these undies with sweatpants, jeans and leggings there were almost no visible lines, if at all. Which personally for me is a huge bonus.

Light Purple Undies

These are so super comfortable and soft, and I absolutely love them. We all need a good mix of sexy undies and everyday, comfy undies. And these are definitely great undies to wear on just a regular day, or when you want full coverage. I thought the elastic bands on it would press into my skin and make my but look squashed, but it didn’t at all, and it was very comfortable. Trying these undies with sweatpants, jeans and leggings, however, you can see the elastic bands lines through the material. It’s not very noticeable, especially not like the ones from the previous unboxing, but it’s still there. Depending on how much this bothers you, not sure if I would wear these out. But they are great for sleeping in or just lounging in around the house.

Blue Flowery With Pink Lace Undies

Personally I wouldn’t have chosen for myself anything blue, but these undies are really nice, so I’ll definitely be wearing them. They’re also so super soft and sit well, and feel very comfortable on. Trying these undies with sweatpants, jeans and leggings, they’re also not too visible through the materials. Probably somewhere between the other two undies. Personally I probably wouldn’t wear these with leggings, but even so, it’s still not too bad.

All in all I’m so pleased I got the next size up, the M was so much better and I got to enjoy the undies I got so much more. Last time I was quite disappointed and wasn’t even sure if I would try them again. But then I decided to give it another shot, and I’m really glad I did, because the issue was only due to wrong sizing. Also, the package arrived fairly quickly and easy, especially considering it was shipped internationally. 

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