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Singles Swag Subscription Box Unboxing – OCT 2020

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This subscription box has been on my radar for the longest time, and I have been dying to buy it for myself for ages! After hesitating and almost doing it for quite a while, I decided to just go for it and spoil myself.
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** Check out the end of this post for the unboxing video I made 🙂

Living in Israel, it’s not easy to find a great subscription box that actually ships worldwide at a reasonable price. It cost me an extra 12.99$ for shipping, but it was definitely one of the cheaper shipping costs I found. And it was definitely worth it!

Singles Swag have two boxes – their regular one with 7-8 full size products for 39.99$, or the petite one with 4-5 full size products for 24.99$. So it’s actually a reasonable price, for the value that you’re getting. It’s also one of the cheaper boxes – so I think it’s definitely affordable, even if you’re on a budget.

* Note that if you order a box in the middle of the month – they will send you the box for the current month, then two week later (at the end of the month) they will send the following month one. After that the subscription will renew every 15th of the month, if you don’t cancel.

I ordered the petite box, because I wanted to check it out first before I go all out. I also wasn’t sure if it was actually going to arrive and if I’d even like it, so I’d rather be safe than sorry.

1. Oogie’s Snacks – Movie Time Butter Gourmet Popcorn
1. Oogie's Snacks - Movie Time Butter Gourmet Popcorn
  • Valued at $4.

So this popcorn is supposedly healthier than any other snack, without the regular fats and oils. The product description says that it’s made out of all-natural ingredients, so that’s really great. I’m a huge fan of popcorn, and usually prefer making the one in the pot, but this one was nice too. However, I won’t be switching out my pot-popcorn for this one any time soon. While it is good, I don’t really like butter flavoured, and I also always prefer fresh popcorn. But if you don’t like making it, this is a great healthy alternative to the regular snacks!

2. Dime Beauty – Immunity Boost Roll-On Essential Oil
2. Dime Beauty - Immunity Boost Roll-On Essential Oil
  • Valued at $24.

I love perfumes and having a pleasant scent on me at all times, so this is really great! It smells amazing – somewhere between eucalyptus and cloves, mixed in with some lemon zest. The roll-on is also pretty compact, so you can carry it in your bag at all times – that way you can easily re-apply it during the day, when you’re out and about. Which is great, because most perfumes you can’t just carry around in your purse. I also love the roll-on applying aspect, it’s easy to use and applies the oil evenly throughout. The scent also lasted for quite a few hours, which is nice. It’s not too prominent or blunt, which I also like.

3. Spongelle – Body Wash Infused Buffer
3. Spongelle - Body Wash Infused Buffer
  • Valued at $20

I’ve been dying to get this body wash sponge for a very long time! For a while now I’ve been seeing them around, made by different brands, and I’ve just been so curious. And now finally I have one, and it’s perfect! It comes in the shape of a flower, and smells amazing. It’s not easy on the skin, but you can definitely feel it exfoliate and scrub off those layers of dead and damaged skin, and great for rubbing at cellulite.

I’ve been using it for about a week now, and I feel rejuvenated and restored after every shower. I was kind of worried at first, because I have been having trouble with back acne for a while now. I wasn’t sure how my skin would react. At first it seemed fine, but I realised that it was aggravating my skin and causing the back acne to get worse. So I stopped scrubbing and squeezed the soap on my skin instead, and it’s been much better.

4. GEN3 – Mila Zodiac Charm Bracelet
4. GEN3 - Mila Zodiac Charm Bracelet
  • Valued at $58

Receiving jewelry is always fun, and when it comes in the subscription box, it feels like a special gift, and not like any other time I just went to buy myself something. I still can’t believe that this cost 58 Dollars! That is so crazy! I’ve never bought myself a piece of jewelry that costs that much, and it’s fun to get a bracelet of high quality. It’s delicate and not bulky at all, which I love in jewelry. It looks like a small charm bracelet with a tiny moon with a few stars. It has a bolo clasp, which is really easy to use, especially if you need to put it on yourself. Which most of us singles do, so that’s great. However, it’s not the strongest clasp in the world and it did loosen a few times while wearing it. But it’s manageable. 

5. OH K! Beauty – 3-Step Marine Algae Mask Set
5. OH K! Beauty - 3-Step Marine Algae Mask Set
  • Valued at $12

First of all, I’m a huge fan of face masks, especially the sheet ones and even more so the Korean ones. This is a three step mask, which is something that I’ve never heard of before, but have truly fallen for now! It’s really cool and so great, and every mask should be made this way. I think it’s a great concept that helps you pamper yourself even more. I would highly recommend it for the home spa day date I wrote about. 

Three Steps:
1 – face wash: anti-pollution.
2 – sheet mask: detoxifying, cleanser.
3 – soothing serum.

I loved using this mask. Besides being a wonderful concept with great packaging, it’s high quality and left me feeling rejuvenated and fresh.

The total value of the box is $118.
I’m actually very, very happy with the box I got and all of the products inside. This is basically a box of all the things I never knew I wanted, but now that I do, cannot live without.
Product descriptions and values

They are also all products that I would probably die to buy, but never actually do it. And isn’t that exactly the whole purpose? To pamper and surprise yourself with fun gifts, that will add value and depth to your life. 

Part of being single and happy is to take care of yourself, make sure that you have a full, satisfying life. One great way to do that is definitely with these kinds of subscription boxes, where you will get fun surprises every month to uplift your mood – and also contribute to your self care routine.

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Singles Swag October Subscription Box Unboxing Video

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