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New Year’s Resolutions for Your Single Life

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These are the top 15 New Year’s Resolutions for your singlehood, to help you live your best single life and take advantage of it. 

I believe that your life will be a direct result of what you make of it. If you put in the effort, time and energy to make it great, it will be. If you focus on what you do have and what you can achieve, instead of what you don’t and can’t, you’ll enhance the quality of your life. You’ll be and feel much happier. If you want to lead a happy single life, you actually need to fill it with the things that bring you joy. Things that help you feel good and productive. The first step to doing so, is to identify what it is you already have, and what it is that you want to add. Make a list of them all, and set goals to maintain, develop and achieve them.

No matter where you are in the journey of your singlehood, whether you’re freshly singled, or been for a while. If you’re feeling lost and struggling to find your way, or if you’re okay but want to improve it even more… These are the top, best New Year’s resolutions that can help you make the changes and improvements you need. That will help you enhance and improve your single life. And help you live your best single life, as well as be your best self. 

1. Find and focus on your passions

Ask yourself what bubbles under your skin and deep in your gut. If you need, create a list, either of all the things you’re passionate about, or things you want to check and figure out. You can get inspiration and motivation from others (without comparing). Either on Pinterest, blogs, ask google, or maybe even Instagram. This can give you some ideas of what you want to do with yourself, time and life. Then set realistic goals to achieve it and make something of substance with it, in your life. 

2. Learn a new skill, language or hobby

A new year is the best, freshest time to learn a new skill or try a new hobby. They are also a great way to spend quality time with yourself and strengthen your self-connection and relationship. Create a list for the New Year of all the things you want to give a try, and perhaps didn’t have time for before. Organise the list from most important to you, to the least. Make a plan for the first few, then work your way down to the next items on it. When you find the ones that are right for you, you can also choose to just focus on them.

3. Create a home for yourself

A common misconception is that a home has to have more than one soul in it. But home is where you feel most at home. It’s where you feel comfortable, safe and where you can just be yourself. Without any shields or masks. It’s your fortress, your royal grounds. Especially when you make it your own, and fill it up with all the things you love and enjoy. When you decorate and organise it in a way that best suits you, and helps you look forward to being home. So if you haven’t already, start turning the place you live, into more than just the place you live. Whether it’s just you or anyone else you choose to share it with.

4. Feel comfortable going out and doing things alone

Being on your own, especially when you’re single, is inevitable. You’ll have to spend some time with yourself, but you also can’t keep waiting for other people to start doing things. You can also start living with and for yourself. If you keep waiting, you might not only wait forever, but you may also miss out on great things. So if there’s something you want to do and can’t find anyone to do it with, just do it alone. Also, the only way you’ll ever start feeling comfortable alone, especially outside of the house, where you can be seen… Is if you just start doing so. Start spending time with yourself and going out alone. 

5. Spend more quality time with yourself

That being said, if you want to enjoy your alone time, and learn to be more comfortable with yourself and your own company… You actually need to spend time doing just that. And it has to be quality time, of high value. You won’t ever enjoy or look forward to your alone time, if you’re only wasting it away by doing nothing, or sitting in front of screens. Or even worse, wallowing over it. Start filling that time with things that bring you joy, value, fun and excitement. Whether it’s going on self-dates, adventures, hobbies, skills, or anything else you love and enjoy.

6. Take better care of yourself

If you’re taking care of everyone else but yourself, it’s a form of self neglect. You need to take care of yourself, if you also want to take care of others. But also so you can lead a happy, single life and feel comfortable in your own skin, presence and company. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’re also showing yourself, and the world, that you’re not worthy or worth it. It will project outwards and people will likely start treating you as you treat yourself, and you’ll also allow it. 

7. Show yourself more love

If you aren’t already, this is the time to start spreading your love to yourself as well. You need to start including yourself in your list of ‘loved ones’. Whether it be by being more kind and patient with yourself. By being more understanding. By treating yourself to nice things and treats you love and enjoy. Or by putting yourself first sometimes. All the things you would do for all the other people in your life that you love. 

8. Get rid of a bad, toxic or negative habit

Time to make a plan to remove that habit that’s been holding you back, or making you feel bad, or even disgusted with and about yourself. Habits that are preventing you from being and feeling whole with yourself. Start small, with realistic achievable goals. Something you know you can do right now. Think of anything practical you can do and what will help you reduce or remove it all together. Then slowly work your way forward and further, and into the bigger, harder steps. Getting rid of bad habits will also make space for better, healthier ones instead. 

9. Remove a toxic or negative person from your life

Speaking of getting rid of things… The New Year’s is also a wonderful time to start removing someone from yourself. Just like with habits, it can also be someone who’s holding you back. Someone who only brings negative vibes into your life and causes you to lower your frequency. Especially if they’re constantly cutting your wings and making you feel deflated. Start by focusing on all the bad things about them. All the reasons you want them out of your life. This will help turn you off them, and to stop chasing them. Then start deleting their presence from your life, and stop showing up for them. Also, stop inviting them. Focus instead, on other, better relationships with people who enhance the quality of your life. People who vibe on a higher, positive frequency.

10. Stay away from haters, doubters & narrow-minded people

I found that having negativity in my life prevented me from moving forward. Not only because they lowered my own spirits and vibes. But also because they managed to seep into my head and my inner voice, and made me believe in their toxic ways and thoughts. Sadly, people will always have what to say about the way we live our life. And the inclination to let us know as much. And we just need to learn to just stay away from them, to not put ourselves in places where we have to face them. Instead, go and be in places that make us feel good, and help us spread positivity. 

11. Stop listening to stigmas and misconceptions

It’s usually those same narrow-minded people, who also spread all of the stigmas and misconceptions. Staying away from them, will also help us stay away from their loud, obnoxious voices and unwarranted opinions. So many people are scared to be on their own, and waste it away or just jump into the wrong relationships, because of all the hateful and toxic stigmas and misconceptions. And they couldn’t be any more wrong and opposite from the truth and reality. Start listening to yourself, and doing what’s best for you, and what makes you and your life better. 

12. Build, maintain and discover old and new connections

One of the reasons why you’re struggling with your single life. Why you’re chasing all of the wrong people and relationships. And why you’re feeling so alone and lonely… Is because you lack real, deep and healthy connections in your life. What better time to start connecting and reconnecting with people than in the New Year? Either reach out to someone you miss and lost touch with, or try to find new friends at local events, places (synagogue, church, pubs, cafes), study groups, neighbours, etc. Make sure they add positivity and good vibes to your life. And that they’re people who make you feel good and enhance the quality and frequency of your life. 

13. Go on a solo adventure

What better way to take advantage of your singlehood and freedom, than going on a fun, thrilling adventure? This will not only add excitement into your life, but also help you spend more quality time with yourself. As well as just have fun on your own. You will get out of your comfort zone, try new things and discover what it is you like and don’t like. What you want and don’t want. And you will also discover just how strong and capable you are. So much more than you ever thought you were. This will also provide you with new, incredible life experiences. Which is a great way to learn just how much more life has to offer. 

14. Get out of your comfort zone and try new things

Speaking of which, your single period is the ideal time to start doing some trials and errors. Get out of your cosy cocoon and start doing things that will challenge and test you. Things that will help you discover what you want to do with yourself and your life. What it is that brings you joy, happiness and excitement. What makes you feel good about yourself and your life. And what makes you feel fulfilled. What makes your life feel full and satisfying. And again, taking advantage of opportunities and all life has to offer. All the things you wouldn’t have been able to do if you weren’t single. 

15. Pay it forward to someone in need

What is any of it worth if you only keep it to yourself? If you don’t spread care, love and kindness to other people? Not only so you can be a better person, but also so you can improve someone else’s life in the process. I found that I am happiest when I’m impacting other people’s lives. When I’m making change and a difference. Even if it’s just by being more patient with people. Maybe smiling more at others, or donating in small, simple ways. Volunteering at a place in need. Or, if you can, start sharing your skills and abilities to improve the world and other people’s lives. 

In conclusion – identify what you’re missing, what you want, and go get it

And do so one small, patient step at a time, with no rush, and don’t pressure yourself. When you do things under duress, or with too much tension, you’ll end up doing it all wrong, messing it up, and you’ll likely give up altogether. It’s important to go at your own pace, and not pressure yourself unnecessarily. This doesn’t mean you should be lenient with yourself. You need to find the right balance for yourself, for being self-disciplined. Between procrastinating, and being too harsh and hard. 

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Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!
Michal B.L.

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