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An easy guide for a relaxing home spa day self-date to help you spend some quality alone time, and embrace yourself and your singleness.
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** check out the notes at the end for a free printable spa day schedule 🙂

In this blog post:
  • Tips to go all out
  • Morning Coffee
  • Personal hygiene & Skin Care Routines
  • Stretching & Balance
  • Breakfast
  • Bath
  • Face Masks & Cream
  • Home Workout
  • Guided Meditation
  • Long Relaxing Shower
  • Lunch
  • Sunset Walk

In my blog post “Best Ways to Practice Self Care” I wrote about the top five methods of self care, you should be incorporating into your life. Throughout the post, I wrote about the importance of self care in general, and each method specifically. As I mentioned as well, in the post, it’s important to combine all five methods in your daily life. So with that in mind, I created this spa day self-date, which also includes all five methods in one way or another.

In my opinion, one of the reasons couples (or even just friends) like going on a spa day together, is because it provides a certain kind of intimacy, which drives the two closer together. I also believe that as a single, we must develop that same intimacy with ourselves. I believe that you should do so regardless of your relationship status, but even more so if you’re single. Because you are the main person you spend your time and life with.

Not everyone has all of the resources, especially now with the pandemic, but at least it forces us to be creative. Put a little extra effort to create a nice spa day date for yourself, at home. Seeing as having a proper spa day isn’t possible right now (and also for some people is a rare thing, and can’t do it regularly), I have taken the liberty to use the term out of context. Rather than having a massage, hot tub and sauna, you can create that same relaxation and rejuvenation by taking your time. All of these self care, hygiene routines that are usually done in a rush, can now be done leisurely.

Tips to go all out:
  • Wear a bathrobe and slippers throughout most of the day, if you can.
  • Wake up with no alarm clock in the morning, or at least try to sleep in.
  • Surround yourself by calm peaceful music and environment.
  • Disconnect – Try to ignore your phone and “real life” responsibilities as much as you can.
  • Don’t check your social media, or at least as less as possible.
  • Take it easy – don’t rush, just take your time without feeling guilty.
1. Morning Coffee
morning coffee

Well, for me no morning starts without a coffee (believe me it’s in everyone’s best interest). Especially now in the lock-down, I like to take my time to enjoy my coffee (to the point where I have no idea how I will ever live without it again). So get as comfortable as you can, in your favourite spot at home (probably in bed) and take your time to sip your coffee. Usually I read or watch an episode of a show on Netflix, as I take my time to really wake up and bask in the caffeine cursing through my veins. 

  • If you can, try and make an extra special coffee on your home spa day.
  • Use your nicest mug, your best coffee and maybe even serve it nicely on a small plate with a cookie or something.
  • Don’t check your social media, messages or emails during your coffee time.
2. Personal hygiene & Skin Care Routines
2. Personal hygiene & Skin Care Routines

Personally I like to do this after I drink my coffee, but you can also do it before if you prefer. Usually we speed through this part, but I find that when we do it in a relaxed, calm pace, it can really be refreshing. Brushing your teeth, mouth wash, flossing and washing your face, maybe even plucking your eyebrows, cutting your nails (fingers & toes) and cleaning your ears. Then I like to take my time cleansing my face, rubbing in serum and cream. Make sure that when you do this, you lightly massage your face, which is good for blood flow and relaxation. You can also use a cold roller, if you have one and would like to. Or any other step you may have in your routines.

3. Stretching & Balance
3. Stretching & Balance

They say that you should start every morning with stretches, however, that is not always viable. Now that you scheduled special time for a spa day, it is possible, and you really should put an effort into it. If you don’t really know many stretches, you can find a youtube video you like (this is my personal favourite). Don’t rush it, put some music on and get into the vibes and just really let it both relax you and wake you from your slumber.

I also like to do some balance exercises, which is important to do in general, but it also really helps me to connect with my core. It also goes well either before or after the stretching.

  • If you can, do this outside in the fresh air.
  • Take your time and don’t rush, make sure to just breathe through it slowly.
  • Put on some nice music in the background to get you in the mood.
4. Breakfast
4. Breakfast

If you want to go all out and it’s viable, you can maybe order breakfast from a nearby restaurant (or any place that delivers). If not, you can also make a nice, yummy and special breakfast at home – without putting you too much out of your way. Personally I like the healthier breakfast options, but you can totally eat pancakes or waffles as well, if that is what will make the day special for you.

I like to make a sunny side up with a variety of cheeses and toast or bagels. I make sure to also have some different spreads and salad options. Like pesto, tuna, veggies salad, olives, tehini, etc.

  • Try to combine it with a nice cup of juice, or some fruits on the side.
  • I also like to have my second cup of coffee with it (yeah, yeah I know).
  • If you want, and you have a nice tray, you can also have it in bed.
  • Or you can eat it out in the balcony, if you have one.
5. Bath
5. Bath

For those of you who are fortunate enough to have a bath, this is a great opportunity to put it to great use. Make sure to fill it with nice bath salts and oils, maybe even a bath bomb. Then grab yourself a nice glass of mimosa or even wine (hey, it’s not like you day drink everyday, right?), and just sink into the nice warm water, with your favorite playlist in the background and a nice book or audio book. 

If you don’t like to read, you can either put on a nice and easy show or movie on your laptop / tablet. As long as it is content that will keep you in the blissfully relaxed state of mind, go ahead and watch it, read it, etc.

  • I like to also combine the face mask (see #6) during the bath, so feel free to do that as well.
  • If you don’t like baths, or don’t have one – you can also do a foot / hand soak. Either in a tub or just any bucket.
  • Light some nice scented candles, in-scents or both – to create a nice mood and atmosphere, maybe even turn down the lights if you can.
6. Face Masks & Cream
6. Face Masks & Cream

I’m hopelessly devoted to Tony Moly face masks, especially their “I’m…” collection. But there are so many more brands that have many different types of face masks. Personally I prefer the sheet masks, but there are also the cream one’s. L’oreal has a great selection of clay masks, which are fantastic as well. Whichever shape or form you prefer, masks in general are a great way to pamper yourself. If you can, maybe even splurge and buy that ridiculously expensive mask you’ve been dying to try. These spa days should feel special, and what better way to do that than treating yourself to a nice pearl face mask, right?

  • I like to put on nice, calming songs or just read a book while I’m wearing the mask.
  • Make sure to lay down on a comfortable surface, and choose to pass those 20-30 minutes with a relaxing activity.
  • When you’re done, you can apply some face cream (or the excess liquid from the face mask), and just massage it into your skin.
  • Make sure to take your time, and really invest in relaxing your face, allowing the blood to flow. It will also do wonders to your skin.
  • You can also do eye and nose patches instead, or before / after.

These are my all time favourite masks. I use them at least twice-thrice a week 🙂

Check them out HERE (US store)

or HERE (UK store) – to get your own.

7. Home Workout
7. Home Workout

This might seem silly after you’ve already taken a bath, but hey this is a special and unique day, right? So it doesn’t have to make sense in any way. Just make sure not to wash your hair during the bath, or at least not thoroughly.

Personally, I love working out and taking care of my body. I know that for many of you it is a strenuous task, which doesn’t belong in a spa day, but I think it can be quite rewarding if you allow it to. There is something quite satisfying about that after-workout feel, which in my opinion goes well with a relaxing spa day. In my self care methods blog post, I also wrote that self care isn’t just about pampering, it’s also about doing the healthy things that we may not enjoy very much.

  • Take the time to do a thorough search on YouTube, to find the workouts that suit you best.
  • It can be meditation, yoga, pilates, aerobics or anything else that appeals to you and you enjoy.
  • It doesn’t have to be intense, maybe it’s even better that you do an easy going workout. Just make sure that it gives you that fulfilling feeling at the end.
  • Again, try to do it outside if you can, it will be so much nicer.
8. Guided Meditation
8. Guided Meditation

A good way to end your workout, calm your heart rate and lower your body heat is with guided meditation or guided imagery. This can also be good also on any other day, when you’re feeling anxious and restless. I know how hard it can be, and even I was dubious about it at first. Thinking that it just wasn’t for me, that it was ridiculous and I just couldn’t sit still for so long.

I gave it a try when I was desperately battling anxiety, and it may not have been a magic fix – but it definitely helped calm my nerves. Especially in these times, it’s important to try and help our bodies relax. And particularly on a special spa day, it’s a great opportunity. So do a small search on YouTube, and find some videos that are good and suited for you. All it takes is just 10-15 minutes, and you’ll already feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Here are a few videos that I enjoy:

9. Long Relaxing Shower
9. Long Relaxing Shower

Now that you’ve worked up that nice sweat, you can jump in the shower and keep it to the perfect temperature. Then take your time to clean yourself up, maybe even use a loofah or sponge. When you shampoo your hair, make sure to massage your scalp, take your time to really get the blood flowing and to relax any tension left in you.

But most importantly, make sure to take your time, use multiple types of soap – for your hair, face, body, etc. So it doesn’t feel just like any other shower you have during the week.

10. Lunch
10. Lunch

No better way to finish off your spa day with a nice, yummy lunch. If you have the option, try to order your favourite meal from your favourite restaurant, or any other place that delivers. Remember that this is a special day of pampering, so even if you normally avoid eating certain food, try to go all out if you can. No diet works when it’s too strict, and having cheat meals every so often is okay. Maybe even necessary. 

So go ahead and order that juicy hamburger, or oily pizza or creamy pasta. Then set a nice table for yourself, and enjoy every bite along with a nice, refreshing beverage. 

11. Sunset Walk
11. Sunset Walk

Personally I believe that a nice walk is one of the most relaxing and therapeutic activities. I try to go on a nice stroll at least once a day, sometimes even more (now that I have a dog to take out). A great way to end your spa date, would be with a nice, slow pace stroll. Pick a route somewhere near your house – either a park, promenade, forest, beach, wadi or just around your neighbourhood. If it’s during the sunset, even better. You can also put some music on, and just walk with no rush, without looking at the clock. Try not to have a set destination in mind, just walk freely without thinking too much. Just let your body flow and your mind wander, as you soak in the nature and fresh air.

Pampering yourself every so often, is an integral part of learning to love yourself, and feel comfortable in your own company.

And what better way to spend some quality time with yourself, than with a homemade spa day? It may not be exactly the same, and you might not have a jacuzzi, sauna or masseur… But it’s definitely better than nothing. 

Especially in these difficult times, where nothing is certain and almost everything is littered with question marks… It’s important to take some time to yourself, to put some extra effort into some good self care. 

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Wishing you a relaxing and significant spa day date,

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!
All my best,
Michal B.L.

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