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Gift Ideas for Yourself for Valentine’s Day When You’re Single

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These are the top 8 gift ideas for yourself for Valentine’s Day when you’re single + 6 specific products that are perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for yourself and your loved ones. 
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There are no set of rules on who is allowed to celebrate Valentine’s Day, or on how to celebrate it. There is no one right way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, and while it was originally created to celebrate couples and romantic love… No one can stop you from celebrating it as well as a singleton. As I mentioned in my previous post how to spend Valentine’s Day when you’re single, you should take advantage of this day to celebrate what you do have… Instead of wallowing over what you don’t. What better way to celebrate yourself and the love you do have in your life, than by using it as an excuse to buy nice things?

The following are gift ideas for yourself for Valentine’s Day when you’re single. There are some general ideas for gifts you can get for yourself, as well as for your loved ones. Because platonic relationships and love can be celebrated as well. All of the following gifts are a wonderful, thoughtful way to show yourself some much needed appreciation. That you are also worthy and worth it. And yes, you are also worth the investment. In a round-about kind of way, this will also enhance your self-worth and confidence. You will teach yourself that you deserve better, and should never settle or allow someone to miss-treat you. 

1. Subscription boxes

If you’ve read my past unboxing blog posts, then this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. I am hopelessly in love with subscription boxes, and I truly believe in their power to make us happy and excited. Some of them can also provide you with some great ways to spend high quality time with yourself. They also provide you with amazing self-care and pampering products, as well as daily cosmetics.

My two favourites are Singles Swag and TheraBox, as they come with a wide variety of high quality products. You also get these products for much cheaper than you would purchasing them individually. They are also curated with the purpose of self empowerment, love and care.

2. Gift baskets

There’s likely no one who can curate for you the best gift basket, than you. I mean, only you can make it 100% perfect, because you know exactly what you want, need and enjoy. You can either purchase one that’s already made up, or create one of your own from scratch (which can be super fun).

You can go to your favourite shops and pick and choose the best products for you. It can be chocolates and candies, self care products, fruits or anything else you can think of. I would probably make one that can be used on a home spa self-date

3. Loungewear or lingerie 

Who doesn’t love some nice and comfortable loungewear? I mean, is there a better gift than a super fluffy and comfy set of pyjamas? Probably not. If you get a nice cosy set, it’s basically like giving yourself a nice big hug. It’s also a great way to show some self appreciation and love, and how much you care about yourself. You can never have enough loungewear.

Alternatively, you can get yourself some nice lingerie. You don’t need a significant other to make yourself feel sexy. In general, I believe that having some nice, pretty underwear is a great confidence booster. To make yourself feel better for no one other than yourself. You can also get an undies subscription like Bootay Bag or Splendies.

4. Coffee and tea

These two are huge life essentials, which, let’s face it – most of us cannot live without. And almost all of us drink at least one of the two every day, if not both. You can never have enough coffee or tea, as it’s something that regularly needs to be restocked. You can curate a whole basket of coffee / tea, and can even add in a nice mug. You can also get a coffee subscription box.

Either way, there’s no better way to show some love than with a nice cup of cosy. In addition, you can also throw in a yummy packet of cookies, cakes or muffins that they or you can eat with a nice, hot beverage of choice.

5. Wine and cheeses

One of the best ways to spend a Friday or Saturday evening with yourself, or any self-date, is with your favourite glass of wine. Or any other beverage you love, but wine or even beer is always the safest bet. There were many nights for me where having a nice glass of my favourite wine has been my saving grace. Especially during the pandemic and lockdowns. It’s comforting and uplifting. Especially when you pair it with a nice combination and variety of cheeses, or any other snack.

Just make sure not to become dependent on it, or drink it every single night. Make it a special occasion. Not to lift yourself up or feel better… Only to feel even better. 

6. Books

We live in a day and age with no shortage of screens and technology. And endless hours spent binge watching on Netflix and scrolling through the many social media apps. So it’s alway good to have some detoxing time. Let your eyes rest from all the screen time, which has probably increased during the pandemic (and with all the new socials), and sit down with a nice book.

I believe that buying yourself or a loved one a book or two, is one of the greatest gifts. Not only because reading is fun, it also encourages you and them to have some screen free time. Which is so much better for your mental health. So really, nothing shows love more than encouraging caring for your mental health. Besides being super therapeutic… Reading can also help you improve your patience, reading skills, vocabulary and general knowledge. 

7. Self-care products

As I mentioned above you can curate for yourself a great gift basket with all the products you need for a home spa self-date.– A face mask, hair mask, bath bomb, bubble bath soap, scented candle, body lotion and hand cream. You can also add foot masks, nose patches and a hair band – to keep the hair out of the face. Or you can also just buy yourself a few products, either for your daily self-care routines, or for the extra pampering you deserve (or both).

Either way, this is a great way to take care of yourself properly. As well as improving your own self-worth by showing yourself you’re worth it. Self-care also helps you improve how you feel towards yourself. And feel less disgusted in yourself. 

8. A journal and pens

There are so many great journals (or notebooks) out there that can help and encourage you with your journaling. You can either get a nice ‘empty’ journal, which you can write in whatever you want. Or if you’re struggling with finding what or how to even start writing, you can get a journal that includes prompts. There are also journals curated for specific purposes, like… Self-care, self-love, personal development, goal setting and achieving, dream tracking, etc.

Journaling is the perfect way to self-care, keep track of your progress and process of any journey you’re going through… And an outlet for your thoughts and feelings. It’s a way to just dump them on the page and help you let them go. In addition, you can also purchase a good pen to go with it. Some great journal options for you:

Specific products as gift ideas for yourself for Valentine’s Day when you’re single To help you invest in yourself, which I also love, and helped me in my own journey of embracing my singleness:
Act Like a Lady: Questionable Advice, Ridiculous Opinions, and Humiliating Tales from Three Undignified Women, by Keltie Knight, Becca Tobin & Jac Vanek

This is not only a fun, easy read, it’s also very relatable, and shares some cringeworthy stories we’ve all been through.

Knight, Tobin and Vanek share their own personal stories, as well as some great morals and pearls of wisdom. All of which can really help you feel less alone, and learn to better your own life and perspective. 

You Are a Badass Series 4 Books Collection Set by Jen Sincero (You Are a Badass, You Are a Badass at Making Money, You Are a Badass Every Day & Badass Habits)

One of the best series with overall lifestyle and success tips & advice, on how to change it up and live the life that you want.

I especially love her Badass Habits book, because bad habits are hard to break, and good ones are even harder to create. They are all simple, easy reads that can help you turn your life around and shift your mindset. 

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life, by Mark Manson

This is for all of you, like the old me, who  just give too many fucks to too many people, who don’t even deserve it.

This book is funny and even absurd at times, but also absolutely spot on. If you need a kick in the ass to help you stop caring, worrying and wondering what others will think or say… This book will gladly be your kick.

Muji Candles

There are so many wonderful candles out there, but there’s no doubt that the Muji ones are my favourites.

I recently got the ‘Lavender, Bergamot & Sandalwood’ in their store, which has an absolute divine scent! I couldn’t find it online, so I just linked their other candles. If there’s a store near you, though, it’s worth the visit to check if they have it. 

TONYMOLY I’m Real Sheet Face Masks

These are my all time favourite masks, but I’m also a huge fan in general of face masks.

I highly recommend these (and anything else Tony Moly has to offer). But if you have any other brand you prefer, that’s good too, as long as you pamper and take care of yourself regularly. And show yourself you’re worth it.

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Stay safe, stay healthy and stay strong!
Michal B.L.

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